Update Aug 0129 Ambient light | Adaptive brightness

Another anomaly is that when the LUX reading is zero in adequate lighting if I turn off the Adaptive brightness the LUX reading disappears and there’s not even a zero reading. It does start up again once more light is sensed.

But no reading at all ???

After several tests I can tell you, that the proposed solution doesn’t work for me.
For now it helps to lock and unlock the screen.
Hopefully the next update will help.


FAO Fairphone

There a couple of users commenting on

Antoine an idea when this Will Be fixed Alain?

Not really. If Fairphone had enough resources this may have been fixed within days. Maybe it will be used as impetus to release the next security update at a month interval.

I would hope that, as Fairphone are monitoring this topic, they would indicate when they think they can deal with this, but no update from Fairphone yet :frowning:

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Interesting post

I thought they outsourced the FP3 android software development to a company in asia because they don’t had the ressources in the past? (was topic at the last big issues around buggy network compatibility in european networks - this issues stayed undiscovered because the software company just testet the FP3 in asian networks).

This auto brightness error is nearly in all FP3s around me so I could think it’s a general bug. So FP didn’t test it itself before release or the software department has a very bad QA. I mean it’s not a tricky bug, it’s very obvious.

Don’t count on a fast fix or update. In the past, these kind of “non-showstopper” bugs did not got an extra hotfix update. My guess is november…


“A company in asia” would be their phone production parter Arima, and I would guess they outsourced it because their inhouse software team is still servicing the Fairphone 2.

Today I was driving in my car using my Fairphone 3+ to navigate.
I was in a longer tunnel and here the brightness was reduced too.
The screen was so dark, that I could not see anything, so I missed the correct lane.

This issue can also be risky!


I’ve had the same issue. I have random unexplained drops in brightness. Has anyone found a solution other than tape? I don’t really want tape on my phone.

Hi @georgehibberd Welcome to the forum.

The issue this topic refers to was very rare and referred to an earlier version of A10

What version of A10 do you have?

The latest update is 0129 and the current issue with Adaptive light issues is collated in the topic below. Fairphone are aware of the new issues.

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So i got the update and the ambient lighting issue is very prominent and sometimes even dims the light so far that i even at night can no longer read the text on my phone. I can understand that it could be the result of a fix to save battery (if that was the motivation behind it). I also want to try to leave some room for thought. Is it maybe possible to make smaller jumps from being bright to being dim but therefore have more of them? I can imagine that could maybe help with these big jumps from being bright to being dim. (I have checked that and most of the time it was switching from the dimmest setting to half brightest setting and vice versa if you tilt the phone the right way (I use a FP3+). Hopefully this is more helpful to you than my initial comment.

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I moved your post to this topic dedicated to this particular issue.


Thanks so much! I must have completely overlooked that.

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I let this post stand here in this topic for Fairphone to perhaps see and factor in, but I moved the ensuing discussion to Update 3.A.0129.20210805: Meta and side effect discussions, for those interested.


I must say that I’m really disappointed.

Many many users confirmed this problem, but after more than three weeks an unsatisfying “we are into it”-comment is all we got .

If we ask ourselves why many people still prefer cheap standard phones: here we may have a reason for it.


Definitely not the reason as most people don’t buy a Fairphone with these challenges :slight_smile:

Still nothing new about the ambient light problem? It’s rellay annoying.


Same issue with the Ambient Light Sensor since the Update 8901.3.A.0129.20210805.

The reading of the Ambient Light Sensor in the Service Menue goes to zero sometimes although it is bright enough to read Newspaper.
Regards Peter