Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

Yes, of course. But @amoun mentioned that the mistake has clearly been made by Vodafone; I just wanted to clarify the source of this information. If this is just a guess, it is fine, too (but it should be mentioned as this, then).

Of course, that’s right. I just want to clarify that this issue for some (many?) people is more than just an “inconvenience” and has an impact on other functions as well.
And not all FP-users read this forum and know that they have to switch to 2G, in case they use DND for emergencies.

I wanted to clarify, that by saying "this is just an “inconvenience”, the usage of smartphone is generalized for all people, which is not a valid expression, in my opinion.
People use their phones in different ways, for different occassions, with different settings. So I am not happy with generalizing this always as just an “inconvenience” for all of the users.

I am not frustrated about the bug. It will be fixed sooner or later.
I am just frustrated when I mention other use cases and impacts in a friendly manner, and other people tell me that in all use cases in general, including mine, this is just an inconvenience and I have to feel the same way about it as they feel about it.
That’s all.


The same happened to me. Instead of saying one Word on this bug they said I should ask my reseller for an Exchange or prove that I paid for the phone.

Not very professional. Same als giving nothing after 4 days.

Luckily I still had a 1&1 Card valid until December. I do hope they will resolve this Till then. Otherwise I may need to ask FP for refund for non working phone.

Hi. I wonder how long you have had the phone as this is relevant to any refund. Whereas your Vendor, if you didn’t buy it from Fairphone, would be required to resolve the issue in terms of refund, they like others would only have to refund a) if bit’s with 14 days of purchase or after than if they cannot offer a rapair or alternative phone.

Of course the longer you have the phone the more likely it that the view will be either a) we will compensate you a proportion or b) you have had the problem phone for so long that you accepted the limitations.

So I wonder in regard to 'Instead of saying one Word on this bug" who you are you referring to and to whom did you lodge an official complaint?

For what it’s worth (and I’m not sure if this was already said above, I tried to follow this thread but may have missed some posts :slight_smile: ) - .on Vodafone UK, and don’t have a problem with caller ID.

I sent a Help Ticket directly to FP and despite my offering a Phone ID and everything all they said is I must prove I bought this Phone.

Which ist irrelevant since this is an Update Error. Even if I demand an exchange of phones at Vodafone the new Phone has the same Software so this is of no value.

As of now I can use my other Card. However I do expect a timely Bug fix since either having 4g deactivated or No Caller ID, which ist clearly a malfunction of my Phone, makes it useless for me.

And I do have a 2 year warranty on new Hardware.

Well Fairphone already reacted, they are aware of the fault and are working on it. Hoping for a solution after only four days is quite optimistic.

But not on software :wink:. Anyway, until not it’s not even sure, that the fault is on Fairphones side, as so far only one provider in Germany is affected.


OK That shouldn’t be difficult ??

Fairphone don’t know that and you may have noticed on this topic it seems to be a Vodafone issue. Mind you if you exchange the phone at Vodafone you may get one without the new update ~ that may work for you.

Yes timely is of the essence but when is more of issue.

So have you only just bought the phone? Still this is not a hardware issue.

From my understanding Vodafone had to OK the update before they sent it out, so the it seems better to ask Vodafone why they released it. But I also note from above, somewhere it’s not all Vodafone but may be related to a specific provider that uses Vodafone.

For example after an update I had the incorrect network name popping up T-Mobile not EE as I would have expected. EE and T-mobile sorted out the issue not Fairphone. I imagine the networks just didn’t account for naming issues when they checked the update. It may just have gone to the main Vodafone check in and they said, yes it seems to work, pass it on the downstream carriers for the users.

Did anybody who knows how to do it and with confidence in their data backup already try to switch the OS slot back to the state before the update?
Being with Vodafone Germany wouldn’t be required.

(I’m not using Fairphone OS currently, so I can’t check whether the prior OS version would boot successfully. )


Yep, same here! Seems to be depending if i start an app or doing some aktion.


This issue is discussed in more detail at

I have the same problem, I reset my fairphone several times and tried first with restore, then without, the error “unknown” persists.
I lost some important datas because of this.
When I insert my cards into an other phone everything works fine, so I suggest it is not a vodafone problem, but a fairphone one.

It’s the combination of sending an update to Vodafone to verify all is OK and then Vodafone releasing it without enough checks.

Other phones will have other updates which either may be older or suited Vodafone better.

It’s more to do with actual provider than either Fairphone or Vodafone. However if Vodafone don’t provide enough details to Faiphone on the providers ID then the phone cannot recall the callers details from the provider ~ sort of ???

Vodafone does provide enough details, or why do FP3s running an older software work fine in this regard?

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Well maybe they do maybe they don’t. I didn’t say they didn’t and I can’t imagine how you would know they did.

Information provided for a particular algorithm isn’t necessarily compatible with all adaptations of an update.

As I mentioned I had similar misrepresentation of the carrier name, but it was resolved. The coding was for T-Mobile but had been changed between updates, so my EE read T-Mobile which held the carrier ID.

It would appear Fairphone were not told this prior to the update and T-Mobile didn’t check the update and passed it on to EE. So EE pushed an update designed for T-Mobile.

No big deal but annoying to look at and did get me wondering what was going on.

Hardly surprising that big companies don’t communicate with Fairphone in the same way they may with Samsung, and Fairphone don’t have the weight to push the big companies to check their updates thoroughly else it would have been spotted.

All total speculation, imagination and such from me obviously, but not without reason.

Because users reported that CLIP worked before the latest update has been installed…?

I moved some stuff to a new topic … Software Update 3.A.0129.20210805: Meta and side effect discussions.


@rae Regarding the auto brightness failure, maybe your engineers want to have a look at this post, it might be relevant:

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Yes this was mentioned in the topic specifically about the auto brightness issue.

However you will see there that my concern is that the Ambient Light Sensor doesn’t record the LUX properly.

If the sensor isn’t calibrated correctly then the Adaptive brightness will cut in at high levels of LUX irrespective of the settings referred to.

Here’s hoping I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Still as Rae has acknowledged the topic dedicated to this ‘light’ issue it would seem more convenient, for Fiarphone’s support team ~ maybe to have all extra info on this issue in that topic.

To those affected by the brightness issue, myself included, I wanted to share what I hope is common knowledge: you can adjust brightness quickly by swiping down twice from the top of the screen. Personally this is an OK workaround for me, but I understand it may not work for everyone.


Yes that’s what I was doing but then I was out in bright light and couldn’t see anything on the screen until I had removed the battery to force a reset, I couldn’t even turn the phone on and off by the buttons, though the later may be a separate issue unrelated to the update anomalies.

There is a separate topic about this issue.