Update 3.A.0129.20210805: Meta and side effect discussions

Well that’s an overarching opinion, and whereas it may not be an ‘encouraging’ experience the problem of ‘quality assurance’ is not enough for me not to buy the FP4 if and when it comes out.

After all what other phones, in terms of treating the production line workers fairer, are there?

Wow! Really ? :blush:

I was only responding to your non technical comment on your opinion about other people’s views.

It seems rather hypocritical to ask me not to do something you were so keen to do.

My comment has been related to the technical issues in this thread. Anything else shall be discussed in other threads, and that is the end of it…

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OK Your post clearly only mentions ‘quality assurance’ and how that relates to sales of the FP, which to me is not a ‘technical issue’ .

It still seems as though you were using the ‘Update’ topic and the flaws discovered to discuss human behaviour. Which can be an engaging conversation, but as you noted it is not technical to the update of the phone, nor specific to any disappointment a user may encounter after buying the Fairphone.

I’m happy to discuss the comments in a new topic now you consider the matter closed in this one.

@amoun @DeepSea : please stop your discussion.

This is not helpful for all the people with the “unknown caller” issue.

Thankx and love and peace


if you could define many that could add a note of depth of disappointment or the level of ‘inconvenience’ experienced by #### users.

No doubt there are many, many, many users who don’t have the problem, so bringing the idea of many into a personal support query is not going to help and as @incanus has stated will not force the resolution.

Further it then becomes more of generalising user experience as used in deepsea’s post. Whereas I am happy to discuss people’s disappointment, inconvenience and frustration such users could create a separate topic if they see it as a distraction from this topic.

I can see it may be a little frustrating for a few people, not many :slight_smile: and an initial reaction would be to add the discovery of an update anomaly to this topic.

It is also understandable that a few people will be more than a little frustrated and use this topic to vent their emotional upset.

But the two issues are not the same. One is a software issue the other is a user experience.

This topic can deal with both, after we are all emotional not robots.

You could have created another thread for your essay, but instead you are making things worse. Please stop this, thank you!


amoun, I know you are trying to help, but your posts at least to me get close to trolling.

Fairphone has a major amount of German users, and for those not getting caller IDs when they use the phone professionally is a MAJOR problem, even if you don’t see it that way.
So for Fairphone not reacting to such a major issue after 4 days is very disappointing.

I bought the very first Fairphone as soon as it was released, and at the time I was very forgiving for slow responses from an unexperienced and understaffed team.
But now we are on FP3 and years have passed and I find it extremely frustrating to find out not that much has changed seemingly with the support responses…

By the way their response to my support ticket was to ask for a proof of purchase as I bought it from Galaxus… like that would make any difference for a software problem that they caused :rofl:

Sorry for the cynicism, but I expect professionalism also from people trying to make the world better.


Personal opinion is often difficult to agree with and a person’s emotional upset difficult to address, but I don’t consider trying to address such issues as worsening yours.

If users want only to address software failures, then that is what I will address if I can. However there are are a couple of threads in this topic about the expectations of others, so it is to that I am responding.

Clearly my reasoning wasn’t understood. The past does not define the future. With that notion the future is just an extension of the past and nothing new would ever happen.

Some may feel secure thinking the future should be as the past was, but even software designers have a future that is not the past. Things change and Networks and carriers and registration bodies and all the phone makers cannot keep each other updated continuously.

There will be gaps and anomalies will occur, exactly what bridge could have been made to avoid that disturbance is just more speculation.

There is a common tendency to see things as linear, that one thing causes another, yet whereas in time things do follow that does not equate to cause, nor can cause have an origin.

This follows previous discussions where my view of what is possible is countered by ideas that it cannot be so.

Thoughts are unique and though their expression may seem contrary each and all can be true.

Could you, please, frame your replies in a way that they do not include any philosophical views, and to just get to the core of the issue(s) that is/are discussed? I am begging you to open a new thread for the strings that approach your thoughts about all other events in the world which (will) happen(ed) in the past, the present, and the future…

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!

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Quite honestly I do not care for the philosophy of change concerning updates.

I paid for a working phone and as of now I am not getting one.

Having to use a second SIM to be able to use Caller ID and 4G is clearly a malfunction and needs to be adressed swiftly.

I was lucky my employer called a second time to offer me extra hours and thus more pay. This is a vital function for me. I need my Phone, which I paid a lot for, so I can earn the rent and food. Just to give a perspective.

So yes I do demand a timely repair of this. We are on day 5 now without anything!

Aside of that, and I am saying this quite flippantly. If Grampa is in the habit of calling me instead of the emergency number if he experiances chest pain this issue can be potenially fatal.

And as I said above this is also people not being able to work properly. Might not be fatal within a few days but if this issue is not adressed swiftly… We do need wages to pay for food and a roof over our heads. And for some working phones are needed for that.

Clearly everyone would like update anomalies to be resolved as soon as possible, but a week or even a month may be an unrealistic expectation.
As the callers name issue is limited to a subset of carriers that use the Vodafone networks Fairphone have to first of all identify how many their are and ensure the reasoning for each.

Then Vodafone and the carriers will have to be contacted about the issue to see if anything has changed that requires modifications to the OS.

Once that has been done and either the OS is modified or the carriers send more appropriate data to the phone, the OS will have to be sent back to Vodafone who in turn will send it to the carriers.

If any major change in the way the caller ID is interpreted is made to the OS it may even have to be sent to other Providers.

So being frustrated from day 1 is understandable but expecting a resolution from Fairphone in a few days seems unrealistic demanding.

If it were just a communication notice from the effected carrier and they can sort it then the resolution will not need an update and may also be resolved soon.

The callers name

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As I don’t have this issue it is difficult to see how it can have the impact as mentioned. Surely the phone still works. It’s like land lines with out caller ID. The phone rings > I pick the phone up > I identify myself > the caller identifies themself and we talk.

Clearly many posts and some topics deal with frustration of users regarding the sophistication of the phone and the failings of updates, as has been the case here.

When people are upset that is the issue to address.

Where supporting or counter arguments are presented in a polarised manner, as in ’ Fairphone should do this and that etc. the issue can only be either ignored or addressed philosophically. I am not in the habit of ignoring such comments as it shows emotional distress.

Well I do leave my Phone from time to time, like when I talk to someone or go to the supermarket or even if I go to the restroom or take out the trash. So yes I do need to know who called since I cannot call all of my contacts to see If they wanted anything.

You might not see this as a problem so much but like I said I nearly missed some extra hours and as a student I do need those since Corona.

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AH yes. Missed calls I hadn’t been thinking of that, now I see why it’s so disturbing, but in the UK I can dial 1471 and it will tell me the last caller.

This is the main issue I have with this bug. If I hear the phone I will answer it so the unknown ID is no problem.

But if a sick family member called or my employer with much needed extra hours while I am not able to answer I do not know who called so I cannot call back!

Yes my 95 year old mum has just fallen and broken some ribs, having to discover who called without any idea of the reason would be almost impossible as it may have been a hospital number I don’t have.

If you are regularly getting calls from new numbers this would have a notable impact.

The only way around this I can think of is to keep an old phone handy to switch the sim card too.

Relying on one phone if a person is expecting important calls is always a known risk.