Update 3.A.0129.20210805: Meta and side effect discussions

Yes my 95 year old mum has just fallen and broken some ribs, having to discover who called without any idea of the reason would be almost impossible as it may have been a hospital number I don’t have.

If you are regularly getting calls from new numbers this would have a notable impact.

The only way around this I can think of is to keep an old phone handy to switch the sim card too.

Relying on one phone if a person is expecting important calls is always a known risk.

I worked around this with a second SIM. But now you unserstand why I am so mad about this.

I am a student and I saved several years to buy this Phone. I cannot afford a second one or a second SIM. This was a left over my father let me borrow.

But for the above reasons I do expect this issue to be treated as an emergency. It can seriously affect the people who have this issue.

I need a working phone to earn my rent and food!

Yes I get your concerns better now.

but expectations become philosophical arguments and complex logic.

What occurs often is that complaints are made via the forum not via official support request. Fairphone may eventually come across the post but there is no direct feedback to the actual user who posted the issue, who becomes more frustrated maybe.

Then as in your case the topic takes a turn to what is expected, on the emotional cost, which clearly isn’t going to help resolve the issue firstnoted.

Now we have conversations about the degree of impact this has for individuals depending upon their inherent environment and desires.

It can hardly be surprising that philosophical views are then used to relate to the complainant on a public forum as the forum peers are not able to address the actual update anomaly.

Unless an individual details their situation I do not assess what impact they suffer and although philosophy may not seem to be a suitable answer that’s all there is to suffering, or no response at all.

Yes, this would be quite appropriate sometimes…


Clearly you would like to continue the discussion about how to respond to the emotional side of users disappointments, and I acknowledge there may be times you may feel it a drain on your resources to respond?

Each of us has limitations on how deeply we engage with each other and that doesn’t mean there is going to be a suitable resolution, just an acknowledgement of concerns expressed.

As you pointed out should you wish to discuss such further you can open a new topic, but that doesn’t address the concerns of others in this or other topics.

By the way I have started a topic on how the perception of fairness applies to the users of the Fairphone and you are welcome/invited to discuss the general philosophy on responding to users distress at not getting what they expect.

Great! No, thanks, I am not interested to discuss that stuff. I would highly appreciate if you could post in the other thread you have mentioned recently every time you feel the need to express yourself philosophically…


@rae any news or estimated schedule for the hotfix?

This is currently more than annoying …

But there is a difference between not getting what you expected in a purchase and something more or less breaking after 3 months. Again this is a major malfunction.

I am not opposed to change. If FP wishes they can roll over updates all day.

But this seriously impairs many users. With potenially financial or personal losses. So at least some updates and the assurance that this is being treated as an emergency is the least that is expected. And this is at the moment not happening. Instead I get useless messanges from FP concerning my Help Ticket.

Your so called ‘appreciation’ seems like just a put down and an unworkable notion where the purpose is to address specific people who voice their disappointment in a particular post.

if you do not want to continue there or here I cannot help you.

I have no issue, so thanks for not helping me. Let’s keep it that way…

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Good to know you have resolved your issues.

If you do have further issues about my ‘philosophical’ interventions and you deem them annoying you could message me privately. That would help keep the topic focused on the people asking for support be that advice on hardware, software or feelings.

I will update the other post referred to.

I guess it is just you who has the need to share your feelings, your personal interests and philosophy, which are about 80 % of everything you post on the forum, especially in this thread. How many times have other users in here asked both of us to keep this discussion focused on troubleshooting the issues that are mentioned here? As a friendly reminder, would you please stop your philosophical input and focus on troubleshooting? Thank you!


Yet you continue ~ although you profess to not want to.

I have no problem responding to you either, however, as previously mentioned I have tried to address this issue for you elsewhere but it seems more to your liking to question the relevance of philosophy being of any use here.

Well just stop replying to each other. You both seem like kids both wanting to have the last word.

Amoun you said yourself you so not have this issue. So it is easy for you to wax philosaphical. And you did apparently not think of all implications, like missed calls.

I already almost suffered nameable financial losses due to this bug. And other people also work on a by call basis. So yes we keep asking for updates on this and keep reporting the bug. Maybe the more people report it, directly naming consequences the more seriously this is being taken.


There maybe other scenarios I haven’t imagined too. One thing I do imagine is that quality control haven’t imagined every scenario on every network etc.

I wax philosophically about my own traumas too, and yes I get the kids comparison too, but it’s not an age issue or a generational one.

What else to do when someone streams their personal losses. I am not here to ignore people?

Of course unless you have a suggestion as to how I should respond take that as a rhetorical question.

But in regards to:

I don’t get or support the notion of we, you may want to define such a group.

Regarding the ‘keep asking’ I don’t see how it is going to help. I’m sure Fairphone have got the message and bombing them with more to read is going to take more time and upset them…

Transferring your upsettedness to Fairphone is what prompts my philosophical response as I don’t see you doing yourself, or selves if you prefer, any benefit unless you consider having your situation discussed more makes you feel better.

So whereas I agree with @Incanus regarding any software solution this does not imply you can’t voice your frustration, but then here we go . . .

There is a saying that you might want to consider

A shut mouth catches no flies.

There is absolutely no need that you respond to each and every tiny little comment. This is not helpful but just spamming/crowding posts, making it almost impossible to find the important parts.

And please do not respond to this, just think about it.


Yeap! Thought about not replying but changed my mind.

You could have sent a private message to me if you want my attention but you chose to make a public request that I change my behaviour, but I won’t respond to your personal insults I can handle that.

So, here we are … I moved some stuff from Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 to this new topic here.
Please bear with me, I tried to be as sensible as I can about what to move and what to leave as well as how to keep some context on both sides. So sorry to every post feeling like it doesn’t belong.

I’m not entirely content with the title yet, so feel free to edit it or to suggest something.


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Context, which I let stand in the other topic for Fairphone to perhaps see and factor in:

Never rely too much on electronics such as GPS navigation…