Screws for Fairphone 1, FP2, FP3, FP4, FP5

Update November 2023:
After 10 years of hard research :blush: Fairphone now offers these for the Fairphone 5:

As we haven’t got a Fairphone Support article about this longstanding issue, I have cobbled together the little that is known. If you can add information, please do so, but always cite a source and make your links as precise as possible.

Model Driver(s)                   Length(s)           Diameter Sources
FP1 Phillips #000 3.9 mm / 2.5 mm ? iFixit (steps 7 & 17)
FP2 Phillips #0 5.5 mm 1.4 mm iFixit (step 6), Forum
FP3 Phillips #00 (or #0) 3.8-4.0 mm 1.4 mm iFixit (step 5), Forum, Forum
FP4 Phillips #00 (or #0) 4.5 mm 1.4 mm Forum

For potential sources (where to buy), see these topics: