Where to purchase new screws for my Fairphone 3

Could you help me on where to purchase new screws for my Fairphone 3? I bought a phone second hand which had wornout screws so I need new ones to fix it. I understand they are Phillips screws, bit there aren´t any for sale on Fairphone´s own web shop.
Best regards, Leonard

Welcome to the community forum, Leonard :slight_smile:

Unfortunately screws for Fairphones is a longstanding “blank” in Fairphone’s Support pages.
(I only recently asked Fairphone to put up an article with the specifications, not for the first time)

I think you would help the cause if you just sent your request to support.fairphone.com, they need to hear that there is a need for this information. And if possible let us know when you get a reply. From my memory, they might sometimes even send out screws, but that is something I am not sure about.


I already contacted them. They wrote:
Unfortunately, we do not offer screws for our devices from our shop.
However, we also have an amazing community, with awesome members that are quite active and interested in testing and trying, and sharing new possibilities with our Fairphone.
I welcome you to check out our forum for like-minded people that share your interests and could be using the same product. They might be able to recommend a store to purchase this. The screws we use are Phillips #00 screws (4 mm length).


Thanks :+1: At least a tad bit of specs.

Years ago, someone in this forum reported to have gotten screws from minischrauben.com (sorry, German only webshop)


A friend of mine had the same issue, however he was able to get new screws from the support. That was some time last year (maybe around December)


Also I just noticed that

does not define the diameter of the thread, so that information is effectively useless.


We had a quite similar request recently, and I found this old discussion with some hints:

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#00 screws denotes the diameter :slight_smile:
Technically they are bolts not screws, i.e. designed for prefabricated threaded holes, whereas screws would be the term for not fabricated threads but just as hole that the screw will engage with.

You can find various charts with sizes if you want inches/UNF/ mm etc.


Uhh, I didn’t knew that, interesting! Thanks for clarification. :slight_smile:

The best option would be to go to a mobile phone repair shop as they will be able to confirm the size and probably provide an odd screw/bolt or two. It is not difficult to measure the outside diameter etc.

You are likely to find they are the same diameter as many if not most other phones like Samsung. I can’t imagine Fairphone would want to step outside the norm in this area.

Length is critical and Fairphone say 4mm.

The size would often be referred to as M2 x4 meaning 2mm diameter and 4mm long

Still it would be nice to get confirmation from Fairphone of the actual specifications

I note the following post states the diameter is 1.4mm

So that would be M1.4 x 4

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Here is a nice link to a vendor, via

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The 1.4 mm in my post is for the Fairphone 2 screws.


Yes apologies the FP3 maybe 1.6 or 2mm. :flushed:

Maybe a Fairphone angel has both phones and can confirm they are the same

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The discussion I linked to says 1.4mm x 3. something for the FP3. 3mm is a little bit short, 4mm a hair too long.


Here’s anice little packet that may do

Also warning about those that are too long

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An old pair of glasses/sunglasses. That shoul do. I have had to replace on and used this. Worked a treat👍

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German only, but you can contact Support in EN.


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