I have repair my FP2 and lost a screw. Where can I buy one? The shop dont offer this

I have repair my FP2 and lost a screw. Where can I buy one? The shop dont offer this.

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It’s probably best to take one screw to the next hardware shop and ask them for more screws “like this”.


if you live close to Vienna, there is a special store for screws:
Clausen Schrauben
Neubaugasse 71
1070 Wien
Phone +43 1 5268506

Maybe they have some screws they fit…

There could also help me not.
It must be possible, at fairphone get a screw.
What problem has fairphone?

Screws are not a typical thing to break in a phone. Since people probably don’t usually lose screws of their phone and screw are usually very cheap, it’s simply not worth it, selling them separately.

An idea might be though, to optionally offer new screws with the spare in the online shop, in case somebody lost or damaged them.

Have you tried contacting Fairphone support? The forum is mostly for the community, for the community - so all you’re likely to get here are suggestions on where to buy screws in general. Support tickets can be created here, but are currently taking a very long time to process. Calling may be faster, details are at the very bottom of the page with the contact form (or any other support page).

Isn’t there anyone who owns both an FP1 and an FP2 and can check if the screws are all different? (Because FP1 screws are offered in the shop)


Hi there I just had to change the bottom module of my FP2. If you buy a module there are the screws needed in the package too. so now I’ve got 4 screws left. if you still need them i would send you two of them for free.


thanks for the offer. I have now in the Internet (minischrauben.com) which bought.

Did anyone confirm this to you? Because I missed one screw in my FP2 and I was wondering if the FP1 screws could be used in the FP2.

I did not get any response, but in the meantime I have come to the conclusion that the FP1 screws will not fit the FP2. According to iFixit, the FP1 screws require a Phillips #000 screwdriver (P000) whilst the FP2 screws require a Phillips #0 screwdriver (P0).

iFixit’s display replacement instructions (step 7 & step 17) mention FP1 screws of 3.9 & 2.5 mm (length, apparently), while FP2 screws have a length of 5.5 mm according to iFixit’s FP2 teardown (step 7).

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ich hatte das selbe Problem. Ich habe die bei minischrauben.com bestellt.
Linsenschrauben M 1,4 x 5 VE=10
DIN 7985 A 2 M 1,4 x 5 -H A 2 VE=10


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