Replacement screws?


I just opened my phone up to fix a simple connection problem, which I did successful.
But then when I screwed everything back together, I went a little hard on screwing one screw into the hole and “Over-screwed” it a little bit.

Nothing is damaged but I would to know if someone can tell me if I can buy replacement screws for myself and if there any information which especially I need to buy (length,…) if I want to or better, if I have to.

I mean just don’t over screw it but if it happens it would be nice to have a little replacement screws laying around just in case. Also you can lose one.

Any help is really appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi @SaaS_Wasser,

If you overscrewed it and now the screw just turns then you’ve probably stripped the thread in the “female” part, but first check the screw itself - can you still see the threads? If yes, then you probably stripped the threads in the body of the phone, which is a pain!

However, before you go any further, will one of the other screws from the phone fit in the same hole? Will it tighten? If yes, then you just need a new screw - I suggest taking it to an electronics repair shop, they may have a spare they can sell you. Failing that, you need to find the screw dimensions to buy a new one. I suggest that you message Fairphone support, but whilst waiting for them to reply you can try and measure it yourself. For this you need a micrometer and a thread gauge which you can get from a tools shop. To use them to measure the screw I suggest you look for videos online.

If another screw doesn’t work then you’ve probably stripped the thead. There are two ways to fix this, neither straightforward:

  1. “Tap” a new thread into the existing hole. This will then require a larger diameter screw, matching the new thread you tapped in
  2. Insert a helicoil… this may also require that you tap in a new thread as well, maybe not.

Again, these require tools from a tools shop - a tapping set, a helicoil and maybe some other things… again, best to look online for videos.

Good luck!
Cheers :slight_smile:

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Or you can find the screw dimensions on iFixIt
(Phillips #00 4mm length screws for the display) _I just hope, that the #00 is a measure for the width of the screws as well.

The teardown unfortunately doesn’t give the screws dimensions though.