Looking for a repair shop for FP3+ near PE15 0TU, Cambridgeshire, England

Looking for a repair shop for FP3+ near PE15 0TU, Cambridgeshire, England

I dropped the phone from a height of <1m on to a carpeted floor.
I previously dropped it down the loo but it was working after I dried it out for a few days.

I tried to remove the screen following the YouTube video. One of the screws is burred (stripped) and I can’t get it out.

The screen is now completely unresponsive and I can’t use my phone at all.

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Maybe the Northengland Angels can help you:


I suggest you go to a ‘common’ phone repair shop just to get them to remove the burred screw. You may then find by dismantling and reassembling the phone you can get it to work.

Presumably you have tried just pressing the screen home with a bit of force?

By burred I imagine you mean the head where the screwdriver goes in or do you mean the threads and it keeps turning.

‘the YouTube video’ there are many, some a little more conducive to causing less damage.

For example the way I removed the screen, after removing the screws was to push it out from the inside, others recommend levering out from the edge??

I’m in Cornwall and visit Bristol on occasion, if you have no success soon.


Thank you - a bit far to go for a repair. I will probably post it back to Fairphone.

It was about asking them, not traveling to Leeds :wink: . That’s a community, not a single person. So maybe someone lives near to you or they possibly know an experienced repair shop in you vicinity.

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Have you tried the old “elastic band” trick, where you put an elastic band between the screw and the screwdriver to get some grip. I’m not sure this works with tiny screws the way it works with bigger ones, I imagine it wouldn’t work when the band is too thick.

Thanks Amoun,
I have just tried pressing the screen home, but it hasn’t worked.

Yes, I mean the head where the screwdriver goes in.

I watched this one, which I think is on the official Fairphone channel:

Kind regards,

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OK, thank you, I might try that.

If I managed to remove the screw, I don’t have a spare one to replace it. Do you know what the spec and where I good buy some?

Hi Jill Yes that’s the video I used :slight_smile: Thanks

If you or a friend have a small flat screwdriver that may work.

Having only two points of contact with the same applied force there will be three times more pressure on the contact points increasing friction between the driver and the screw. Though try any repair shop first if you can.

Look at this tread:

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Just tried that - sadly no luck.

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On the using an elastic band.
I would be wary as it requires more applied force which can damage the screw thread housing etc.

I tried to email northernengland@fairphonecommunity but the email isn’t recognised.

Did you forget the dot?


Yes, I did :upside_down_face:
Time for some lunch…


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