I have never hated a phone more than my Fairphone 3

One screw is stuck in the phone, most rather stripped at this point because of the constant taking it apart to push the modules back together, but at this point it won’t charge at all.

I bought this phone because it was supposed to last 2 years. This junk has barely worked a year and a half. I’ll never buy a product from this company again.

I am really sorry to read that.
You seem to have kind of hit the jackpot indeed.

Support - to be honest - still seems to have room for improvement.
Judging just by your posting, they should have replaced your phone quite a while ago; though I don’t know the whole story.

The problem by now might be those stripped screws and the stuck one.
While I understand all your efforts to keep the phone running, I would advise everyone against following that example.
Tightening such small screws to the extreme should not and can not be the solution, as it is more likely to result in stripped screw-heads than in a working phone.

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to say, that you did something wrong or that it’s your fault.
Everyone reading this should just act stricter towards support. After following the support advices for testing and self-repare, one should demand sending in the phone, when those efforts fail.
Having a phone, that can easily repaired by the user, does not mean, that repairing it is left to the user or even the users responsibility.

I will try to point someone from Fairphone to your posting. Maybe there still is hope for you and your phone.
The one thing I can assure - from my experience and from this forum - is, that your experience is not the rule, but a rare exception.


@randallshamlet BertG has laid it out nicely and unless you have done something untoward you phone is still under warranty.

Please contact support|at|fairphone|.|com as soon as possible.

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The problem is that I need a working phone, and if they don’t care, stripped screws is the only real option. At this point a new an entire new set of screws because multiple are too stripped to risk putting in the phone.

Well, as I already wrote, I really understand your actions and feel for you. Problem is, that stripping screws obviously didn’t help either.
Please #contactsupport (maybe by phone; if possible) again and make it more urgent; i.e. give them a deadline for action (excluding tips for self repair), stating that you demand your money back, should they fail to offer a solution (i.e. taking the phone in for repair) until the deadline.
That’s at least, what you have to do in Germany, to claim your rights and put the company in default (if my memory serves me right here, that is).

Judging from your description of the state your phone is in, it most likely can’t be helped, that you will have to make do without this phone for some time.


You can ask Fairphone to send you a set of screws.

There’s more on alternative screws:

Oh and I’ve never hated a phone or other object, but have felt really upset a number of times about the poor quality of stuff I bought. How could vendors be so uncaring and I so demanding?


I think this post is a fake…
I never have such issues

Maybe you just killed your phone? Threw it to the ground and now the touch-screen is dead?

Sometimes the phone isn’t smooth but that’s and issue by Android… The www.e.foundation OS is very smooth. You also can root your phone and download an app that optimizes kernel… I had something like that and it helped.

The only thing is that the accu is enpty very fast (or is damaged very fast). In mobile data my accu ripps off with much heat and else with WLAN is better. Phone looses 50% a day idle with mobile data. The /e/ OS seems to be a bit better (because there is no surveillance)

You are seriously going there?
What if @randallshamlet really has these issues, and based on his phone your post is fake? Same logic.


Of course it can be but such issues didn’t happen to me at all so I don’t think that this just began happening

Your logic is really great. Things that do not happen to you are fake, but things that happen to you (twrp crash) are generalized.


@debian-user-france1 @yvmuell

From some perspectives each of you is right and from another each of you is wrong, then again yet you are both wrong and right at the same time therefore, but for most people they do not know and are undecided.

Then you can mix it up;

The Saptabhangivada.

The seven predicate theory may be summarized as follows:

The . . . theory consists in the use of seven claims about sentences, each preceded by “arguably” or “conditionally” (syat), concerning a single object and its particular properties, composed of assertions and denials, either simultaneously or successively, and without contradiction. These seven claims are as follows.

  1. Arguably, something is true and exists (syad asty eva).

  2. Arguably, something is false and does not exist (syan nasty eva).

  3. Arguably, something is true and exists yet arguably, it is false and doesn’t exist (syad asty eva syan nasty eva).

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  5. 1 and 4 (syad asty eva syad avaktavyam eva).

  6. 2 and 4 (syan nasty eva syad avaktavyam eva).

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adapted from Jaina seven-valued logic - Wikipedia

From some perspective meta-discussing this is helpful and from another it’s not helpful at all.


Undecided as to where the problem lies as phone’s don’t have issues, but people expect a lot from other people. In this the OP expectations of having a phone they love have been destroyed and probably not by the OP.

So can well call on the manufactures or the support team to be more better at manufacturing and better at supporting. Yes we can but are they up to the task?

Come on OP send the phone back to Fairphone or at least get some screws ~ my choice would be to send it back.

Well, Fairphone at least will have to provide some RMA number for returning the phone.
Therefore it is essential to get them moving.


I have the problem that the screen doesn’t work every now and then, what I understand about the whole thing is how can I fix the exception and against building the problem together?
Can anyone tell me how this mistake comes about?

I’ve asked that your post be moved to a more relevant topic, meanwhile see


I had this kind of problems with my FP2, never with the FP3. It work as it supposed to, so I’m happy. You must have a Monday copy, unfortunately. Good luck and I hope you can solve the problems.


I feel your pain - i have given up on my FP3+, just like your experience by far the worst phone ever. I need a reliable phone that just work, my FP3+ has been a daily pain. First it was the frequent crashes/reboots, when they eventual fixed that, it was the need to restart every 2-3 days for basic functions to work (e.g. making a phone call). The last update also led to much faster battery drain (had to recharge twice on most days) but the thing that really got to me was that after half a minutte into a call the recipient would get very bad audio (unless i used a headset)

I am happely writing this from my new Pixel 4a 5g. Not because it has 5g support, is much faster, has a much better camera - but because it just works.

I really wanted to use a “Fair” phone. But what i got was a “Fair” unusable phone that costed me the same as the Pixel, but the Pixel i expect to last much longer than the 9 month i endured with the FP3+.

Maybe you could start a new topic. [Screen Intermittent Working] and provide details, this is not a good topic to add to.

Did you read any from the list provided, there are a number of topics that refer to screen inconsistencies ~ it may just be a loose connection that can be resolved by disassembling and reassembling.

Effectively your post was just a groan, there were no details so it is difficult to help :frowning:

It helped for a few months…

I tried to demand it before but they always have excuses. I wonder if I used my US card to pay for it. I can dispute the transaction and Visa will take the money back from them. I’ll see how support responds this time… Going through my email now, so if they responded, I’ll add another comment.

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