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Hi, this morning I replaced the rear camera module of my FP3 … what a pain guys (thanks iFixit that suggets to use a plettro to remove screen from the core instead “brutal force”). Anyway, cause I didn’t close well the module’s clip, I had to screw and unscrew the screw (sorry) 3 times to make module work. Result: one of the two module’s screw is damaged and I can’t remove it anymore. Maybe, I won’t have to remove it anymore, but that makes me so much headache. Any suggestions?

First you will want to acquire a new screw if the issue is the cross connection in the screw head is burred. And check the head of the screwdriver to see if it in good condition. If the screwdriver is fine it may be possible to fill the head of the damaged screw with some sort of plastic metal, super glue etc. and before it sets coat the end of the screwdriver with oil and press into the screw head to make a new connection. Maybe a day later you can remove the damaged screw and replace it.

Update: 19th Dec
Maybe any odd bit of old nail filed to roughly fit the screw and the supper-glue them together?


Thank you for the details. Last question: where can I find the exactly specs of FP3 screw and maybe where can I buy them?

Contact support they may even send one or two


Here’s a topic …


A trick to loosen screws with damaged heads is to place rubber band across it, then push the screwdriver into it. The rubber helps it grip, and prevents further damage. However, this does usually require a bit of force, to push the screwdriver into the rubber and screw. I don’t know if that would exert too much force on the delicate electronics in this case, I’ve only used this in situations where that wouldn’t have been an issue. Be careful with this.

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A trick used upon exactly the same size screw in Nokia N9 albeit that is Torx head rather than Philips one, is to cut a slot across with a “Dremel” if you have a steady hand.

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And here is another thread about help with stripped screws, that might offer some help (links and tips):

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I have to update this topic providing a solution for everyone who was and will be in my situation. I kept in touch FP support and after sending some photos and other requested information they sent to me for free through UPS 10 new and original screw. Well done FP!


You mean FP don*t you? :wink:

That’s the way, I got to know FP support myself, by the way.

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English issue I think :stuck_out_tongue:

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