Replacement screws?

I recently tried to dissasamble a FP3 and the srews are really a bit tricky. Although I was quite careful, I managed to damage 2-3 screw heads. As I’m not very confident I can unscrew those multiple times without damaging completely I ordered M1.4x4mm raised head screws. They are a bit longer and therfore do not fit in all screw holes (see picture, left will hardly go in, right does not look to bad, but back cover will not close properly). I did not try to replace all 13.
As normally not all 13 break at once, I think they are still a good fit. As I have 100 screws now, I’m happy to sell some, in case anyone needs some.


Srews the second: I also ordered a set of different screws in eBay. The M1.4x4mm screws in this set actually seem to be a perfect fit and 4mm is the total length or the other are longer (I have nothing to properly measure)

Awful picture picture but I think still visible

Left second try, middle original, right first try

And here the links to the screws

Danke @urs_lesse :upside_down_face:


May be an idea to include a spare screw as Framework has done.