What kind of screw on the FP3

Hi, I just opened my FP3 to restart it as there was a problem of connection but when I closed it I realised I had lost one screw. Anybody knows if I can buy some in a common shop and what king of screws must I ask for?

Any answer will be really appreciated as I prefer to have my FP3 completely closed…
Have a nice evening, day, night…and thank you by advance to the whole community

Have a look here :point_down:


Thank you so much!! That’s great…so I’m gonna lok for these ones!!! That’s so nice of you!!
Have a nice day, evening or night,


I think it should be no issue if 1 is lost. Should you be located in the EU I could send you some. Its not so easy to get the correct screws and most times its 50-100 in a package. Or maybe you can check if a repair shop has 1 for you. Detailed topic for FP3 here


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