Remove Google from my FP3

Hello everybody.

I’ve just recieved my FP3 and I would like to keep the hands of the big G away from it. I know that Lineage OS or Open OS can’t be install on the FP3, but I would like to know if it is possible to get root access or do something with that. How can I get my FP3 as less googlelized as possible?

Thanks in advanced.

PD: I’ve being looking about it in the forum, but I read about others OS, I know now it is not possible to change the OS but I suppose it must be something to do about Gapps.


I have installed F-Droid.
F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform.
I use OsmAnd for navigation.
Open Camera
Simple Gallery Pro
Simple Solitair
DAVx⁵ for CalDAV/CardDAV Synchronization and Client
Etar for Calendar
Fennec for browser
Simple Calculator (Tibor Kaputa)
LibreOffice Viewer
VLC for video and music
AnySoftKeyboard (just starting using this one)
And Lean Launcher from https://github.com/hundeva/Lean-Launcher/releases

Diverse google apps disabled.


Thank you! I’ll try to get my FP out of unnecesary apps that track my activity. I’m against all kind of data robbery…

I think it’s very difficult, but lets see… :smiley:


I’m still in the process of setting things up.
There are a lot of great Apps on F-Droid, but for launcher and e-mail for the moment I’ll stick with what I currently used on the Fairphone 2 …

Trebuchet, the stock launcher of LineageOS …

Email, the stock e-mail App of AOSP (and thus LineageOS) … for Android 9 …

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Some more replacement F-Droid apps to consider:
MuPDF viewer
QR Scanner
Todo Agenda (widget to list Etar calendar entries on the home screen)


is there anyway possible to completely remove google play services? You can disable it but it pings you every 2 seconds saying to re-enable. If I try to install microg core it fails and im guessing its because they have the same package name.

Have a look at this thread …

Google Apps keep reinstalling/ reactivating

I did it this way and don’t get the notifications anymore.


We have a Wiki article to collect information about this topic.

It’s really bad that in Android 9 most (open source) AOSP apps were replaced with proprietary ones.

Alternatives I installed: Simple Camera, Simple Gallery Pro, Simple Clock, Simple Contacts, OpenLauncher, Simple Keyboard, QKSMS, F-Droid, Etar, Emerald Dialer


Ok everything is uninstalled, however now when i try to install MicroG services core i get the error:

Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package com.google.android.gms signatures do not match previously installed version; ignoring!]

I don’t think you can install a replacement for google play services without first removing (not disabling) them.

AFAIK you’ll need a ROM which allows signature spoofing for microg, which is not available on stock roms: https://github.com/microg/android_packages_apps_GmsCore/wiki/Signature-Spoofing


Hi, I have my FP3 now. My phone before that is the FP1 1st edition / crowdfunding I which is stll working quite ok, and that I got in January 2014.

I was hoping that the FP3 would be google-free and useable with an alternative OS to android - after attending a Fairphone event years ago where they discussed sailfish etc. But now I understand that is not possible yet.
So we removed a lot of google stuff and apps but there is so much still, standard search engine, calendar, contacts with google preference and so on and on.

They delivered the FP1 googlefree and that was really great.
Apparently FP2 (which I didn’t need) had various options. I really hope they are working on this for the FP3 as well. It is a bit contradictory to have a fair phone in so many aspects but have it loaded with google software data collecting etc.


Good to see you back, Ruth :+1:

@urs_lesse how nice, thank you! It’s been a while indeed. I missed all the FP2 years because my FP1 was running OK (still on 2nd battery!)

My most recent original FP1U battery graph



It’s still new.
In fairness, all Fairphone 2s, too, were delivered with a standard Android including all the Google stuff. It was up to the user to install other OSes and …

So I would say let’s see where we stand in the middle of 2020 regarding OS options or at least a roadmap for them.
I can understand the impatience, but let’s just be realistic.

As for living with what we have, the community has started to collect some possibilities of limiting Google on the Fairphone 3.
A Wiki about that was started here …

How to live without Google on an FP3

A topic about replacing Google stuff is here …

Google Apps keep reinstalling/ reactivating

And further in-depth discussion about privacy aspects is here …

Telemetry, Spyware, list of privacy threats on FP3 Android 9


I like the concept of the Fairphone but I have no bought one until now for one single reason: Google.
Please, provide an alternative without Google.

I am working in an area sensitive to privacy and Android devices are forbidden.

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So what’s allowed then in your “sensitive area”? Custom ROMs??

BTW: Basically all alternative OSes are Android-based, too - it’s just that some of them do not use Google services.

Privacy is always important, as soon as GDPR is involved for example it is important already.

In some areas of work (e.g. national security) electronic devices are not at all allowed. That would be regardless of the device running Android, iOS, an other OS, or it even being a smartphone or a walkman.

@teezeh : at the moment, iPhone managed by the organization and some very old Nokia are still used.

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