Remove Google from my FP3

i know it says lineageOS there, which confuses me, because we are talking about fp3 google version. so am i right that i can use that launcher for my fp3 google-android9 version?

Yes, at least it worked when I tried it.

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hi there, i use
signal for sms
wire for chating
Ecosia (browser that plant trees !)

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Hello @javiz87
I have a good news for you: there is a 100% unGoogled OS currently in development named /e/OS. It’s a ready to use OS with it’s own AppStore with + 80000 Apps included FOSS Apps and all default App (email, calendar, sms, weather, note, contacts etc…) has been also unGoogled. It’s name is /e/OS.
Here is the post about the development :
and here is the website talking about /e/Os :
I hope this is useful :slight_smile:



I have installed /e/OS and it was quite easy!! (with a Debian PC).

I am so exited to get out the big G out of my phone. I will wait some time to tell you how it works for me.

Thank you very much for the information!!


All pleasure is mine :slight_smile:

Well, I have be using /e/ OS and I admit is quite good. You have interesting apps in the alternatives app stores while most of Play Store apps works on my PF3. There are a few that doesn’t work but are very few and it is not a problem.

The problems with screen (I think I have had bad lucky and the hardware is defective) are still there and that’s the big deal since I bought it, but the /e/ OS works better than stock OS. Now, the phone runs perfect, no issues founded (at the beggining I had a lot).

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I recently discover an alternative to Youtube in F-droid. The app is: NewPipe.
I dont use youtube, but the website I used to check (Invidious) has stopped.

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Using NewPipe or the now stopped Invidious are surely preferred over using Youtube directly, although the videos still come from G00gle servers, so they still get your connection metadata+info about the videos you watch. At least you avoid the other trackers on their page, so it’s a progress for sure. :+1:t3:

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