Poll: If you could install any mobile operating system

…which one would you choose to install on your Fairphone?

EDIT: To make this clear: The question is which OS you would choose if a genie or a fairy would grant you that wish, not which OS you like and think could realistically be ported to the Fairphone.

(Continuing discussion from: Poll: Future Fairphone OS Development)

  • Google Android
  • Fairphone Android
  • Fairphone Android without Google Apps
  • Cyanogen Mod (most popular custom Android distro)
  • Replicant (100% free Android)
  • other Android distro
  • Firefox OS
  • Ubuntu
  • Sailfish OS
  • Tizen
  • other Linux based OS
  • Blackberry OS
  • iOS
  • Symbian OS
  • Windows Phone
  • other

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I have one issue: I can only select one option.

Here is my reasoning: I don’t know yet what I would install since I don’t have any experience with most of the options. I would like to install as many as possible and then decide.

This is what I do: I vote for Cyanogenmod, because that is my favorite so far.

These are the ones I would try and maybe reconsider afterwards:

  • Stock Android
  • Fairphone Android with GApps
  • Replicant
  • Maybe other Android ROMs
  • Firefox OS
  • Sailfish OS
  • Tizen
  • Ubuntu Touch

I considered having one option to switch but then I thought that most people would choose that and the poll would lose expressiveness.

I would love Android L/M on my FP1u :frowning:

I have the same “issue”, I would like to try different ones so it is not easy to vote for only one OS :

  • SailfishOS
  • FirefoxOS
  • Ubuntu Touch
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Unfortunately the Fairphone forum is not using an up-to-date version of discourse so multiple choice polls are not possible yet.
On the other hand: I’d also like to try different OSs, like Firefox and Ubuntu, but Replicant is definitly the one I’d like the most so giving all three of them the same vote wouldn’t be accurate either.

Phew! What a big list! Thanks for including Symbian, i am really interested if anybody really chooses that dead OS :smile:.

For me this is really hard! I would install both Ubuntu and Sailfish, just to try them out. If they fullfulled my needs, i would think of keeping one of these. Otherwise i would choose Fairphone Android with Google Apps.

Ubuntu or Firefox … hmmm!

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Haha yeah I didn’t really research well. I just searched for a list of all mobile operating systems and picked those that sounded familiar. Then I realized that Ubuntu was missing, I hope I didn’t miss any other important systems. ?

To the contrary :smiley:
I would rather exclude some non-sense options (like Symbian because it’s old or iOS because it only runs on iPhones).

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Would the Nokia Z-Launcher be an operating system of it’s own?
And yes, multiple choices would be better. I would choose Windows Phone and iOS (that will never come true, I know…) as well… But primary is Sailfish.

No, it’s just a launcher which you can even use with the Fairphone 1.

I guess all proprietary and platform-specific operating systems are no realistic option, but I wanted to include all popular systems to underline that this poll is strictly theoretical.

Any but Google’s Android!!!


Official SailfishOS support on this bad boy - would be brilliant :blush:


Is that expression of a wish or have you learned that somewhere? That would be brilliant news indeed.


@jftr - A wish - sorry - poor wording.

I voted Sailfish OS only because I felt very comfortable with Maemo5 on my old Nokia N900 and at first I selected a generic “Linux based OS” because this was my main choice in the last 7 years (starting with an OpenMoko Freerunner :stuck_out_tongue: )
Thank you @paulakreuzer for opening this poll :smile:


Any Open source OS would be great. And if based in Android much better :smile:


Personally, I find the discussion about the OS to be the most interesting. But I have to admit that I am a bit surprised by the apparent enthusiasm on Sailfish.

I can very much understand the criticism on the ‘google-ness’ of stock Android. That leaves CyanogenMod, Firefox, Sailfish and Ubuntu (at least to my knowledge) as only serious alternatives.

Ubuntu is very promising, but still far from being ready for a port to Fairphone - at least, this is the feeling I get when I read the forums where users discuss their experiences.Ubuntu is extremely interesting, mostly because of its promise to converge with the desktop version (and the Ubuntu software store, think of downloading all that amazing software on your telephone!). Still, it has been promising for the last two years. I have no idea how much time (half a year, 1 year, 2 years, even more?) Ubuntu needs to become ready for a ‘regular’ user.

Firefox is open and on the other hand is being used by thousands of ‘regular’ users. The main thing users seem to complain about is the general lack of available apps and most of all whatsapp. If you’re willing to go without whatsapp and all the weather, traffic, geo and chat-apps, it is a real alternative. To my knowledge, it is not possible to download apps from ‘alternative’ locations (like F-Droid f.e.)

CyanogenMod is (almost completely) open source, community driven and is being used by many users, of which many are focused on privacy. Also, most of the users have installed CM after wiping the original OS. As a consequence, there is a lot of documentation on porting CM to different telephones. Biggest advantage in comparison to Ubuntu and Firefox: one can install all android-markets (google, F-Droid and others). So one can use Whatsapp!

Sailfish is in a similar position as CyanogenMod. The UI is closed sourced, the rest is open. Its community driven and is being sold already for a longer period to ‘regular’ users. One can also install Android-apps through its compatibility-layer. As a disadvantage to CyanogenMod, Sailfish doesn’t seem to have a large track-record of being ported to other telephones.

In my opinion, Sailfish doesn’t have any advantages over CyanogenMod. Both are mostly, but not completely open source, both can install apps from alternative android-marketplaces, and both seem to be ready for the ‘regular’ users. The user-base of CM seems to be bigger and there is a lot of documentation on porting to other machines.

My question is therefore, could anybody please explain the enthusiasm for Sailfish, in comparison to CM? Or am I missing obvious things?


I was too, especially since I never heard of Sailfish before! :smiley:

I’d have expected more votes for Replicant since it’s the only fully free (as opposed to mostly open source) OS and for all those who live Google-free on their FP1(U) it would be very familiar.

I thought it would be a close race between Cyanogen, Replicant, Firefox & Ubuntu.

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There are already two Ubuntu phones out. One (I think) in the Chinese market and one in Europe. One of them is lower and one medium to high spec.