Replicant OS for Fairphone 3

FairPhone 3 needs to go Replicant OS -

Reasons for switching to a fully Free Software mobile OS:

  • Only then FairPhone respects our freedom as computer users
  • This would help making mass surveillance of entire populations uneconomical
  • Not only hardware but also software mainstream major corporations of the mobile phone world are heavily lobbying for disastrous trade deals like CETA, TTIP & TiSA, which threaten to destroy democracy, basic rights, and social standards.

In terms of voting with your wallet, acting against said disastrous trade deals & lobbyism regarding mobile hardware means buying a FairPhone, and regarding mobile software means using Replicant OS.


Hi @sn0wb4ll, I changed the topic title to better reflect what seems to be the intention of your post.

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You’ll find some pro and con arguments for Replicant in this topic:

Also be aware that Replicant is not very popular and therefore will probably not be an officially supported OS for any Fairphone in the near future.

In this poll only 21 people (me and 20 others) out of 531 voted for Replicant:


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