Will they sell 15000? [They did]

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2015-08-17 20:18 -> 8117
2015-08-18 17:43 -> 8251


I uploaded an updated graph, see Will they sell 15000? [They did]

Thank you @gewuerzketchup , I just added a (small) wild guess to your evening number.


Growth seems to be holding out linearly since the initial surge - looks like they will manage to sell around 12500 by the end of September. Needs a big corporate buyer to pre-order a few thousand!

Meanwhile, a colleague who considers himself a bit of a fairtrade greenie just delightedly found his mobile contract had expired and that he was entitled to an “upgrade” - so merrily ordered a new (non repairable, sealed-in battery) Samsung … whilst his existing handset (which still works) heads for the recycling bin. If only EE, 02, Vodafone et all were offerring FP2s … but why would they if they are designed to last… heaven help all those profits if people went “sim only” and kept their old handsets. Capitalism and the growth it fuels, that benefits EVERYONE so much, would surely collapse, plunging us all back into the dark ages…

rant over.


Last year, in this same situation, I bought, unlocked and sold an iPhone 5s and earned around $300 that I could spend more responsibly. There’s always people for buying shiny stuff.


I think there is a lack of visibility, I read about Fairephone only in this site!

In adition, I would like to see some information regarding other OS running in this phone, why not Sailfish?


That’s not entirely correct. There are many newspapers and tech-related websites that actually write whole articles about the Fairphone 2. So I don’t think visibility will be a serious obstacle for the 15k mark. Yet, the more people know about the project the better.

That’s a little too far off topic in my opinion. There are several other threads discussing OS possibilites. For example here(closed topic) and here.


Here you can find an (incomplete) list of news articles about the FP2 in various languages. I’m sure there are many more articles which are not included.


I actually agree with @Jordi about the lack of visibility, but I think it’s not necessarily a lack of media visibility, but – I know I suggested this before – a lack of first-hand visibility. I wished it was possible for Fairphone to stage a few more events outside Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Finding a cheap or free venue should not be such an issue, I think there are many non-profit organizations who share and support Fairphone’s aims and could help with the logistics. Simplified: Show the Fairphone 2 in events in London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Vienna…

It’s not just the event itself, it’s also that such events provide additional opportunities and justifications to remind your friends of Fairphone e.g. through sharing a Facebook event, using your organization’s email list and so on. One event produces multiple opportunities to bring back Fairphone into potential buyers’ minds.


We were trying to get a Fairphone 2 prototype to.showcase it at the Urban Mining Workshop of the Austrian Fairphoners at this year’s Vienna Open Festival and this was the answer @Daria_Fairphone gave me via email:


Have you considered inviting a FP employee to be there in person (so the prototype would stay “in Fairphone’s hands”)?


Of course we did! :wink:

I see that Sean is attending E-Scrap Conference in the US, but that’s unfortunately not exactly “our region”… :wink:


I guess we will see 9000 Fairphones sold by thursday night.


That looks like the number of sold phones per week decreases by ~100 each week right now. Gonna rise again. Stay Positive. :rabbit2:


8,999 at 8 am (GMT)this morning


Given it’s 9001 right now at 9:42 am (CET), the lucky Mr. or Ms. 9000 only just escaped our sight :wink:


The average weekly rate has dropped from around 100 a day to just below 80 a day. To meet 15000, the daily sales rate would now have to be over 175 a day. Looking like a little under 12000 by September 30th.

Need some big corporate buyers to pile in!


No, the cost breakdown is needed badly. It will surely boost sales! :smiley:


… plus confirmation that the FP2 will arrive pre-rooted and with the option to boot in Android, Firefox, Sailfish, Ubuntu touch and any other OS you’ve written by yourself one evening, etc etc ;¬)

Meanwhile even co-operative mobile won’t sell you one on contract until they “become available” - so no pre-sales there. and the bloke at Vodaphone I just got a new SIM card from hadn’t even heard of Fairphone. Still come november when then start to appear in the flesh, I’m sure a whole bunch will sell.

Maybe we should all go to https://www.thephone.coop/fairphone/ and register our interest !!!


I would usually say to register interest, however a note of caution, the Phone Co-op is a very small company. We need to bear that in mind, as they need to be sure when buying that they have the market to sell to and this could give a false picture.

I say that as a member of the Phone Co-op myself :wink:


plus confirmation that the FP2 will arrive pre-rooted and with the option to boot in Android, Firefox, Sailfish, Ubuntu touch and any other OS you’ve written by yourself one evening, etc etc ;¬)

It’s already confirmed that FP2 will NOT come pre-rooted but with an open bootloader and easily rootable.
I’m confident that alternative OSs will work, but both rooting and installing an alternative OS might void warranty.