Official LineageOS 17.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+

Yes, official, haven’t done the update to 17 yet since it requires manual steps. Haven’t had the time.

I tried it too but it didn’t worked.
At least, from LOS 17.1 on you can use SeedVault to make backups which should make it in the feature easier to upgrade to a newer LOS :slight_smile:

Thx, Slot A was LOS recovery, slot B seemed to be empty since it booted to the LOS os.
So locking worked, thx.
Why are there actually two slots?

What do I have to do in case of an update of the os? Do I have to unlock the bootloader every time, or can I use the Update function in the preferences?

Seedvault looks like a nice new feature in LOS17.5 indeed!
Just tried it out locally, and I’ll try out the Nextcloud integration soon.

For me it got to 60% of apps though.
I can understand that some apps won’t allow auto backup because that also means google backup on GAPPS devices, but I hope they will figure out a solution…

Something like issue 57 or 36 or maybe 165

I had the same question, see the reply of @HolosericaCaligo above.

I’m going to try using the OTA updater, after backing up just to be sure. Haven’t had the time for this yet.

Unlocking again will clear all user data on your device.

I just ignored that part,apparently is isn’t needed. The patcher is just enough, allmy boxes are ticked in microg settings

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This topic was also explained at the FAQ on GitHub:

data ending up on Google servers. Unfortunately, this also affects encrypted backups done via Seedvault as the opt-out is enforced by the system.
It is not yet widely known that backups can now be encrypted with a device key and even Google claims that it can not access backup data [audit]. Instead of opting out completely, app developers can say that their app should only get backed up, if the backup is encrypted.
So if you are annoyed that your favorite app is not included in backups, you can contact the app’s developers and make them aware of this option. For example, this is how the Transportr app enabled only encrypted backups.
However, keep in mind that some security critical apps such as Signal or Briar might still have good reasons to opt-out of backup completely.

But AFAIK, the apk (installation) files are still backuped and can later be restored. Just without user-related data.
But neverthless I hope too for a possibility to backup every app in the future :wink:

The idea is AFAIK a more secure and faster upgrade process: If your FP3 is installing an update, it’ll install it on the inactive slot while you’re still able to use your device. After the installation is finished, you just have to restart your FP3 an it’ll switch the slots to the previously inactive slot (where the new update is installed).
If there’s was issue while updating and your FP3 won’t restart after the update, you still have a working OS on the other slot. If your OS fails to restart several times, it’ll - to my recollection - switch to the other slot and try booting from there. But I’m not very into thhe A/B slot topic. Some others might be able to tell you more accurate informations :wink:

Unlocking the bootloder would wipe your data, of course. So this is not a practical way…
Maybe you could wait until @kinjiru tries to do an update?
Since I have rooted my FP3 I can’t try it, of cource…

Cool! I’d love to hear you feedback if it worked or not :grinning:

Correct. But if I remember correctly, the “App backup” option (to also backup apk) was disabled by default in Seedvault settings, and I enabled it manually.

@os01 and @HolosericaCaligo:
I just tried the update using the Updater app for an OTA from 2021-01-04 to 2021-01-18, and this went smoothly on my FP3+ with locked bootloader :smiley:

Apps and user data all still there, and also the F-Droid privileged extension and UnifiedNLP priv-apps I had installed on system (using adb push, with the OTA survivor scripts and permission files from the zips)

Just for fun I dumped logcat before and after reboot, to get a glimpse of what happens in the background.

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Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Sadly, the system image is signed, but not the recovery.

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Any news on this? It’s still happening with LOS from Jan 11.
I also opened an issue on the LOS issue tracker If I can help somehow, with logs or the like, just ask

I like that wording “express your thanks to the maintainer by means of hard currency”, but sadly I am one of the few who refuse using Paypal, which is the only option offered at the Ko-Fi page. So what can I do? I could write a private message to dk1978, but I rather put this question on the forum believing there would be other fairphoners not using paypal. Maybe Ko-Fi could add the possibility of direct bank transfer.


As I don’t use LineageOS (yet) on my FP3+ this is a bit off-topic, but I have to put a big Thank You because you mentioned this:

The missing double-tap-to-wake-feature was a big annoyance for me; seems like this app is the solution (if the always-active proximity sensor drains the battery not too much, let’s see).

So, back to topic :wink:

This is already a very long topic, could a moderator please move all the non-English posts to a new language orientated topic.


Yeah, good point, I moved those posts.


I ordered a FP3+ with /e/ preinstalled but I had to return it because I encountered noticeable screen lags when scrolling simple websites. See Lag / Inconsistent Framerate (#2077) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab for more background. (As a “workaround”, it’s possible to change the performance setting to the highest values but I don’t think that’s great for battery life…)

Now I’m curious to know whether anyone here has similar issues because I’m considering buying a (regular) FP3+ and flashing LOS 17.1+microG. So I wonder whether this problem is specific to to the /e/ fork.

Purely subjective, but in my experience scrolling websites on my FP3+ does show an inconsistent framerate on LOS17.1.
I don’t remember noticing such lags during the few weeks using stock FPOS 10.

Setting performance profile from balanced to performance does seem to help, even for scrolling up and down in the settings app.

In the /e issue you posted I see some patches are mentioned (scheduler/governor), don’t know if this could be a thing for LOS too?

Just try scrolling this thread here. I see a very noticeable lag both in the preinstalled browser and in Firefox. (My post was a little bit simplified. I’m returning it both I still have it here on my desk, so I could try this out now…)

Yeah, I’m the one who mentioned these commits there, but I haven’t received a response. I think these commits are in LOS too. They looked suspicious to me because they’re related to power (and setting the power setting is a workaround) plus they’re related to scrolling. To be honest I have no real idea, but judging from the commit messages I believe some of this code controls the CPU power mode when scrolling, so this could be relevant.


Yes, I see this in the settings app too. Just not as as terrible as in the browser.

FPOS n est pas vraiment stable beaucoup de beugs

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