FP2: Double Tap to Wake

I switched from an iPhone lately and am now making my way in the new Hardware and Software world.

What I miss is the main button under the screen to wake the phone. When the phone is lying on the table - as it often is - it is very inconvenient to wake it with the start button on the top right side. Android had introduced the »Double Tap to Wake« functionality in version 5.1 (Lollipop) but I don’t see a setting in the FP2 to activate the functionality. Did I miss the setting or is not present?

Thanks for any input.


Maybe this works only on phones with hardware buttons.

Some Android devices seems to be able to do that with a custom kernel (http://elementalx.org/). No idea about Fairphone.

But maybe you could be happy with the “Active mode” of AcDisplay (who can turn on you screen when you take your phone out of your pocket, and/or turn on your screen some seconds when you receive notifications).

You can find AcDisplay on F-Droid and/or Google Play

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Thanks a lot for your answers. AcDisplay is doing too much for what I want. I installed »Gravity Screen« and test if it may be useful.

Double tap would be a great feature. I could not find it with those apps and I am afraid those extra apps will eat up all my battery life.
It is somehow standard in newer android versions maybe?

I generally wonder whether this double tap functionality does make that much sense, because in this case your screen always needs to be able to observe touch input and I’d guess that this drains your battery (a lot?) more than a completely deactivated screen.


With »Gravity Screen« the FP2 crashes 1-2 two times a day - I needed to uninstall it again. The functionality is nice but the unstable behavior on the FP2 is not acceptable.

If the FP2 would have hardware buttons - like the iPhone still has - software workarounds would not be needed. For me it’s still not very user-friendly to check something on the FP2 lying on the table. To turn it on is not very comfortable. That is as I think a major drawback of Android phones related to iPhones.

And none of the software workarounds I have checked work as expected. So I’m still in the process to train myself to deal with the Android way to turn on the phone.

Another aspect is the organization of the power and the loudness buttons being opposite to each other. When I turn on the FP2 lying on the table I often accidentally increase/decrease the loudness.

This is another big plus for the iPhone where no button is placed in the opposite of the power button - on the iPhone you don’t accidentally trigger an unwanted action.

Yep - there seam to be several usability details where the iPhone hardware is more user-friendly.


Well, from a usability point of view, I understand your point here. My statement was more focused on the battery impact. :wink: Namely, if you need it to be able to detect touch input, you maybe could just as well let the screen be activated all the time. Because: I could imagine that the difference between those state is (far?) less than the difference between the display being off and being able to detect touch input. Though this is just guessing and I’ve no battery data about it …

@uhunkler: You could try the open-source app WaveUp. It wakes up your phone by waving over the proximity sensor (located at the top middle-left of the FP2 screen) (called “wave mode”) and also has a “pocket mode” for turning on the screen after having taken the FP2 out of your pocket. For more detailed information, please consult the project site https://gitlab.com/juanitobananas/wave-up.