Notification bar, home button not working, system ui tuner not visible

since yesterday notification bar doesn’t open, home button and the button on the right of the home button don’t work at all. I tried to make the system ui tuner visible: it’s not possible. The display and the touchscreen are fine.
I have a fairphone 2, android 7.1.2, fairphone open 19.08.1. Any idea? Does anybody knows something about Nova Launcher for repairing or about a another fixing tool?

Thanks a lot!

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I’ve seen this issue a few times before, but can’t find any topic at the moment. I think the solution was to reinstall the OS or perform a #dic:hardreset or both.

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Hi everyone !:slight_smile:

I’m using a FP2 that I bought last year in november, and I’m actually running Fairphone Open 19.02.1 on it (I installed Fairphone Open on it just at the beginning and I have always been satisfied of it :slight_smile:

The problem is that when I woke up this morning and turned my FP on, it started to act very weirdly :

First of all, there is this bar on top of the screen when you slide down. Usually you can slide it down once, and you can slide it a second time to get more parameters (for example, one I use several times a day : the luminosity). I can’t slide it a second time, I stay strucked on the first view.

Second of all, when I use the buttons at the bottom of the screen (the circle button in the middle that makes me go home and the square button on the right that makes me switch between my different opened applications), it doesn’t make anything. I have the usual lightened visual return telling me that my FP saw that I touched the buttons, but I have no reaction when usually, these buttons work perfectly.

Of course I tried to turn it off and on again twice, but I can’t find anything about it on the internet and there is no way I can manage to make things go back as they were.

Any idea on how to set it back as it was ?

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your responses ! :slight_smile:

Maybe going into recovery mode shows a different behavior.
Was the phone only off, like locked display but connected to the network or completely powered down?

In one case I would assume you having received an update of an app being the cause.


Thanks for your answer.

It was completely down, actually. Is there a place where I can check the app upgrades logs?

I wanted to test the recovery mode but… I tried to save my files on my computer first. But I encountered this problem:

Usually, when I connect my phone to my computer, I open the parameters in my FP and type “USB” so I can choose not to only load it but to be able to open it from my computer.

Now I can’t type “USB” cause the magnifying lens icon disappeared, so I can’t save my files into my computer.

Where can I set the USB settings on my FP without searching “USB”? I looked everywhere in the parameters and I can’t find it.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I still can’t get back my pictures and documents before installing FP OS again, can anybody help me on how to change the USB settings?


I’m sorry for you - I have the same problem and still didn’t find a good solution: I transferred all my pictures and datas via bluetooth (for hours and hours). I still hesitate to do the factory reset, hoping that it is possible to find a better solution…

With solidary regards, chan

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Thanks for your answer, it’s not a convenient situation x)

Oh btw, have you made an update after you discovered the problem?

I reinstalled twice the newest open-fairphone-version the updater could find. Nothing changed. :frowning:

Hi! (and happy new year!)
I have the same problem since yesterday more or less. Have you found a solution? (Fairphone OS 19.11.2).
Thanks a lot!

Hi, unfortunatetly not. Nothing helped, i think I have to do a reset…

Hi, Same more or less happend to my FP2 two weeks before. notification bar, home button and overview button dont work, dont get any notifications (missed calls, new messages etc.)
the camera cant be activated with the button on the right side of the phone. Moreover no email downloads and no downloads in google play store. No synchronizing of timer, of course Random reboots.
Fairphone OS 19.11.2./ android 7.1.2. Any solution from Fairphone. Thank you all.

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same problem with me - notification bar, home button and overview button dont work. plus i dont get any notifications (missed calls, new messages etc.) and the camera cant be activated with the button on the right side of the phone (as it usuallly did) - only opens with the camera app. any ideas, suggestions, solutions?

Exactly the same happened all of a sudden to my FP2 too. I think it was with or shortly after the upgrade to 19.11.2
Is there still no update or solution available?

Same here…

Started my mobile (Fairphone 2, 19.11.2) this morning and neither the notification bar nor the “home” and “open app” button does work. I also cannot connect my phone with the computer in order to create a full backup, because the usb connection type is related to the natification bar. So I’m flinching from a hard reset.

I need my phone for work and this is the worst moment to getting issues with my FP2. I’m going to write to the support team but since I’m reading a lot in forums (problems with my camera, too), I don’t expect any help from them (which is actually not very fair).

Has anyone found a solution or did anyone get in touch with Fairphone about this?

I couldn’t try it yet, but maybe a manual update could solve the problem:

If the FP2 isn’t found by the computer, try to install the driver manually too: Device not found under Windows in fastboot

I’ve just created a support request. I suggest you all create a similar (or even identical one) in order to have more weight together. Here’s the link and what I wrote:
Subject = “Many users impacted: Notification bar, home button not working, system ui tuner not visible”
Description = “Please look at this thread. We are at least 9 users having the same problem since October and no solution. This is really difficult to use our Fairphone in these conditions. Notification bar, home button not working, system ui tuner not visible
Please help us ASAP
Thanks in advance!”
Thank you all. I’ll inform you if I have any answer.

I’ve the same issue since last Friday. I have the last Fairphone Open OS version (7.1.2 19.11.2)

I’ve open a case to the support and mentioned this topic, I will keep informed when I’ll have answers.

Request ID : 345735 Troubleshooter - Something else

Hello, I’m having similar problems.

On powering up a few says ago, found neither the Home button or one to its right working on my FP2. Running OS 19.11.2. No notifications either, or quick camera access or pull-down function.

Hope someone comes up with a solution soon!