Device not found under Windows in fastboot

Hi everyone,

I am a new fairphone user and the first thing I wanted to do upon purchase was to install Fairphone Open. The official instructions under
seem simple enough.

Frustratingly, I have encountered the following issues. First I used a charge-only USB-cable, but I found two others which allow a file transfer connection when the phone is booted normally. I am using one of those.

When the phone is in fastboot mode (showing the logo “Fairphone powered by android”) and connected to the PC, the device manager shows an unknown device called “Android” and cannot find a driver for the device.Error
Concomitantly, the flash-for-windows.bat (Using Windows 8.1) from the Fairphone Open Installation gives me the error “No device found in fastboot mode.”

I have searched far and wide in the forum, but no one seems to have exactly the same problem. Any advice would be appreciated.

The Ubuntu Touch community suggest to use the 15 seconds ADB Installer on Windows. It bundles driver, adb and fastboot.


Hi @Ingo, thanks for the tip.
However, upon executing the adb-setup-1.4.3.exe, I get the error “Cannot find specified path” both for the adb and the driver. Running as admin.

I managed to unzip the .exe manually, find the driver files and install the device manually afterwards. Quite tediously, and I really wonder what was the issue for Windows here.
Fairphone is detected by the .bat now, and conversion is in progress :slight_smile:

Edit: It worked fine. Many thanks for your help!


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