New now live! Share your feedback

Hi everybody!

We’re proud to present the results of a new brand development and website. You may have already noticed some of the changes. We just posted a blog to walk you through it.

After you’ve seen our new website, we’d love to get your feedback. Are there sections that you’re missing, or do you think can be developed more? We’re especially eager to hear your ideas how we can grow our Community section.

We’re also open to general bug reporting if you see any links or technical issues going wrong. This forum thread is here to gather your comments, so go ahead :wink:


First post: 20 Sept 2016

Hi all,

As you may have noticed - we’ve got a new! We had a soft launch today, still getting through some growing pains, but tomorrow will be our full launch when we’ll launch a few more materials, like a blog, and ask for your feedback in this thread.

For now, I just wanted to acknowledge that some things are still not perfect (eg, the styling on the forum!) but we are working on it. Have a good evening, and we’ll share more tomorrow!



until tomorrow.

Congratulations, Joe, for getting it done after all :thumbsup:

One minor observation: On the blog, you note that

the new uses a simple top-level navigation of Fair, Phone and Community.

The three top-level menus don’t fully correspond to that (reading Phone, Story and Community). Intended or typo?

And thank you very much for showing

“normal people” (not models!)

One of the things that I resent most about advertising featuring the usual models is the underlying suggestion that we’re supposed to worship flawless superhumans, and I am so grateful that you are not going for that.


The width of the main container of the forum is strange. At home it is fixed to 62.5rem. 100% will be better.

<div class="row">            ---> width:62.5rem;
    <div class="full-width">      ---> supposed to be width:100%;
      <div id="header-list-area">

There are also other some minor css adjusment requiered (in the forum) (ie : open/close arrow when editing a post, recovered by the browser scrollbar; thread tags overflow the header,…)

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The forum font seems bloated… Everything’s so big now (headlines and Suggested Topics at the bottom)!


I am still adapting to the new layout, especially on the homepage. I’m honestly not so much into this Windows-10-like “Let’s make everything flat” thing, but that’s just my opinion.

Two thing:

  1. Since Germany seems to be the biggest Fairphone market, you should probably mention 1&1 as currently the biggest FP2 retailer in Germany.

  1. When creating a new thread or PM, the input fields for title and tags are too small:

Same goes for the login panel:

When I force the title input to be 28px high, it looks fine:



  • The team seems very incomplete.
  • The Fairphone in your company pdf (here) just links to the start page.
  • Yesterday there was a job opening for Support Representative (ASAP), today there isn’t. Is that good news or an error?


  • Small text fields - like the one when you enter a link - are to small to read anything in them. (PS: @Trust just mentioned that)

On a different yet possibly related note:
I was just wondering what the intention is to keep two return pages, namely

Since former has only one option and latter has only two, making it only three options in total, wouldn’t it be reasonable to combine these two pages to reduce confusion and potential maintenance work? Creating an account on either gives you access to both anyway.

Best wishes,

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Most of them were to busy to have their photos taken. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: PS.: I liked the old photos with the IJ in the background. :smile:

PPS.: The new favicon is boring at best… :confused:


The interactive tutorials cannot be retrieved at nor at


I like the new san-serif font for the web and forum. Specially the kay letter: cake, Kenia, key, kind, Knoppix… :green_heart:


Douwe announced this new font a while ago, it’s called Radikal :slight_smile:


Oh, too bad is non-free; we won’t be able to use it on community projects… but I love it anyway (classic beauty vs beliefs issue… again).


Support-Team :thumbsup:missed :busts_in_silhouette: on OS X 10.11.6


I don’t see Radikal here on the forum (mobile version):

Even after clearing Firefox for Android’s cache…

I’m seeing the same font as @Stefan (I’m using Firefox on Linux) and my console lists:

downloadable font: download failed (font-family: "Radikal" style:normal weight:300 stretch:normal src index:1): status=2147746065 source:

So I think I’m looking at Helvetica or Arial, as the acitively used font setting is that from, according to the inspector. The line itself is font-family: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;

Edit: same behaviour in Chrome. Also is attempted to load, but gets a 404 as response.

Edit2: The URL for the font appears to be nearly correct, except that the extension is duplicated.

Edit3: Presumably this is what should look like (I used the style editor in Firefox to apply some overrides):


Same also on FF for Mac and IceCat for FP. Though I’m really looking forward to the beautiful K!

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I wanted to upgrade to the unified storage partition, but the link seems to be dead:
Would be great if you could fix that soon.

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