Lock screen widgets

For those who already have their phone… mabe you have figured this out… I really like the message that shoes how long I have the fairphone but I would like to have a clock on my lock screen (if possible with the actual widget message).

Anyone hase found a solution yet?

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Tap the widget. It has different screens, one of them is a clock.


“You… you… you have a gift you…” :wink: thanks… that was simple…!!!


My counter doesn’t work. Shoes already 00 Hours, days etc…

Does anyone know how to add more lock screen widgets? I am trying to add dashclock, but if I swipe right or left it just launches the camera or dialer…


My counter didnt work either, and then suddenly 6 days ago it started working. Not sure if it was after a reboot or anything… Just weird. Its sad that it doesnt show I have it longer :frowning:

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I was wondering about this as well, I created a support request for this a couple of days ago.
I will let you know as soon as I have a reply.


Thanks a lot

I know this is about the lock screen widgets - but: have you found the general menu for widgets? Somehow I can’t…:neutral_face:

[quote=“Ylein, post:9, topic:11650”]
I know this is about the lock screen widgets - but: have you found the general menu for widgets? Somehow I can’t…:neutral_face:
[/quote]It’s in the manual, hold-press the desktop.

Aaaaw, I knew I’ve seen it before! Cheers!

So I got a reply from Support (I translated the reply from Dutch):

Google build this camera and phone swipe behavior on the Lockscreen into Android 5.1, and this behavior cannot be changed.
This is a choice from Google we have no influence over.
It may be possible to do this with certain apps, but you’ll have to search in Google Play Store for that.
Or you can ask in our Forum.

I searched in the Google Play Store, and found several Apps.
I chose Echo.
Note that the default Lockscreen should be disabled when using this App.

Edit: Hmm, Echo has no options for widgets as well, it’s just another Lockscreen as is.
I like it by the way, but it’s not really a solution for the TS.


My counter started after I shared it via whatsapp (although I had to share an age of 0 minutes :slight_smile:

I just want the time, the rest is useless to me. Echo was a good input, thanks @jpderuiter.
However, I would appreciate if it had something to go directly to the phone like the other lock screen had. someone has ideas for that?

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Hi, I tried Hi Locker because of that, and it works pretty well (you can choose several lock screens)

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My age counter started ticking just 3 hours ago - when I first discovered its existance. I have the phone in use since 3 days though. Funny gimmick but not more, I think. Thanks @jpderuiter for the intel about the lock screen widgets. I miss my flashlight on the lock screen.
EDIT: my bad, you can swipe down on the lockscreen - voilà your flashlight :smile:

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Ok I have a question about notifications on the lock screen… I just want mail and sms notifications but not from any application I use… the problem is up to now that if I disable notifications from an application I don’t get them on the status bar either… anyone figured out this one yet?

You can set the notifications of every app separate.
Perhaps if you set the mail and sms notifications to priority, it will solve your problem.

Go to 'Settings’
go to 'Sound & notification’
go to 'Notifications’
go to ‘Messaging’ (just as an example)
slide the dot to the right.
Now you will see the word ‘Priority’ under the word ‘Messaging’

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Hi there, I’m a new FP2 user. Does anyone know how to remove the annoying “EDIT” word on the Fairphone 2 lockscreen clock? I like the clock, but don’t want to see “EDIT” all the time. Thanks!

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