Lock screen widgets

I don’t think that’s possible.

Hello is it possible to use the camera Hardware button when the lockscreen is activated? Similar to the symbol in the right corner. Do you have an idea?

Same with me. I also don’t like the edit text.

I have the same problem like @jens.hermes: I just want the clock on the lockscreen.
When I need to know quickly what time it is, it’s pretty annoying to search through all those funny, but not so useful gimmicks like “Your Fairphone for 4 months…”, “Your battery will be fully charged at…”, “You have enjoyed rest for…” :-/
Is there any chance to ban those three widgets from the lockscreen? Or do I have to install this Hi Locker App for that?

When you start the phone swipe from left to right (or right to left)till you see the clock on the lockscreen. Then swipe from bottom to top.
Next time you start the phone the first thing it will show is the clock on the lockscreen/

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You’re right! you just have to set it once…

In any case, whatever other fun features or not, the lock screen should always (also) display a clock with the current time. Otherwise I have to tap up to three times just to know what time it is.

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Did you try installing an alternative lockscreen? Did it work properly? I have had some issues with lockscreens (see here), so I do not suggest you this option.

This didn’t work for me, at least not evey time.

No, haven’t tried. I hope the Fairphone default design can always include a clock.