✏ Differences between Android 4.2.2 and 5.1

I’m currently using both FP1 & FP2. After I rooted and ungoogled the FP2 I’ll decide which Phone I’ll keep and which one I’ll gift/lend to a friend, but for now I’m in the cool situation to be able to compare the 2 phones directly.

I noticed lots of Software differences and I am going to list those that I pin on the different Android versions and in my opinion are worse on FP2.

EDIT: I added differences reported by other users (also in other topics) and made this a wiki

These are not bugs! For bugs look here: List of known bugs. Here you find a list of Feature Requests

  • Recent Apps (FP1: long press home button, FP2: Tap the recent apps/views button)
  • on FP1 I can long press one of the recent Apps and get the App Info, so I can actually find out which App this is. On FP2 I only see the symbol of the App, but if e.g. I get a popup from a preinstalled App the Symbol is often just the green Android, so I have no way of knowing what App it is exactly.
  • On FP2 Popups that should disappear will show in the Recent Apps panel as well and overcrowd it that way.
  • Lock Screen
  • On FP1 you can tap on a lockscreen Notification, unlock the Phone and you’ll be taken to the App that caused the Notification. On the FP2 that works by double tapping the Notification, but not with unknown Apps (see Recent Apps above)
  • On FP2 Notifications don’t activate the screen
  • FP2’s Lockscreen Widgets can’t be edited.
  • App Info (Settings > All Apps)
  • On FP1 the App Info includes the Version Number, on FP2 I can’t find that.
  • Sign in to WiFi
  • When I connect to a Wi-Fi that has a Sign-in Form the Notification for that (WiFi Symbol with Questionmark) takes me to my standard Browser (Firefox) on FP1 and to a popup from an unknown App (see above) on FP2. The popup itself is annoying but what’s worse: Firefox will stay connected even if the WiFi connection breaks up for a few seconds; the unknown App on FP2 asks me to sign up again every time! And with an unstable WiFi connection like the one I have at work that makes the FP2 unusable for browsing (which is why I’m writing this on FP1)
  • Dual Sim

It would be great to post a tutorial how to “ungoogle” FP2… and as many others said how to root the phone :wink:

Thanks a lot in advance!

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If I double tap on the notifications in the lockscreen, I’m taken to the app that caused the notification. Doesn’t that work for you?


SIM Cards:
FP1: color settings for each SIM + phone number can be added and edited
FP2: same color, not changeable, phone number field could not be edited

FP1: local contacts can be added
FP2: only Gmail contacts


@Jori FP said they would provide those tutorials soon. I’m waiting too.

@werner_noebauer that only works for me if I don’t have a screenlock enabled.

This was hinted at in another topic as well. Could you explain a bit more, please?
I’m planning on not regestering to Google and only use apps from the F-droid repository. Does this mean I cannot add new contacts?

This is the topic you mention.
See the topic for more info + solution.

Thanks, I saw the linked topic only after my post here. Admins can delete my post if needed.

FP1: local contacts can be addedFP2: only Gmail contacts

Not sure about “local” contacts, but I don’t use Gmail and only use owncloud (CalDav/CardDav) to sync calendar and contacts (and tasks, notes, firefox) and that works very nicely. I.e. it is not only Gmail and my contacts are also not synced to Gmail/Google (although I’m singed into my Google-account from the phone in general).

Cheers from Vienna,

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Further information in the “local contact” topic:

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Just found out: Double tapping the notifications works with most notifications, just not with those from unknown Apps (first point in the list).