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maybe I am missing something very obvious, but because the FP2 is my first android device, I can not seem to find it: I have notifications enabled, and notifications of different apps seem to pop up. But if the lockscreen is enabled (=black), I just get a “beep” and the red LED starts blinking. I would love to see what kind of notification just arrived without to have to press the power button to re-enable the display. So here are my questions:

  1. Is there a way to activate the display for 5-10 seconds if the locksreen is active and a new notifications pops up, so I can get a glimpse of what just happend and if it is important?
  2. What is the difference between “on” and “priority” in the notification settings? Is it possible for notifications just set to “on” to just “beep” and notifications set to “priority” to activate the display?

If this is possible without any additional widgets/apps please just point me in the right direction because I can not find it. If there are some widgets or apps I need to install please give me some suggestions.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hallo Andreas,

das kenne ich voin meinem bisherigen Android-Telefon auch nicht, dass Benachrichtigungs-Popus bei ausgeschaltetem Bildschirm angezeigt werden. Aber immerhin blinkt Dein LED, wenn Du eine Benachrichtigung erhalten hast - bei mir ist diese Funktion noch nicht dabei (bei meiner Frau schon)…

Hi Andreas,

I don’t know popups while locked screen from my previous android-phones (htc, Samsung). But at least you have a flashing LED for incoming messages / notifications. I don’t have any flashing LED, but my wife has with her fp2…


When receiving an SMS, the screen does not light up. Just the sound and the red light on top left corner. I set the SMS notification to “Priority” so it would seem fair to have a display on the screen at the reception…
Is it the usual behavior ?


That depends on what you have choose in the settings of the notification.
Notifications have to be set on two places. One place is in the general settings of the phone and the other place is in the settings of the app itself.

  • In the SMS app settings, the “Notifications” box is checked, Silent mode and on vibrate.

  • On parameters -> Sound and notifications
    If phone is locked -> display all the content of the notification
    And SMS/MMS app is set to “Priority”

IIRC “priority notification” means only that the notification is popping up even when your phone is set to interruption mode “only priority”. It does not influence how the notification is displayed.

Indeed on the FP2 standard lockscreen I don’t find a setting to control the screen behavior. Currently I’m using hiLocker lockscreen and there is a specific notification setting “wake up display” where you can adjust for every single app if the screen should be activated.

This is just about the lockscreen but not for when the screen is off.

Like @drpepper667 said this feature doesn’t exist in the standard FP launcher yet, but it’s on our list of feature requests. You can vote for it there.

AcDisplay seems very good to me also.

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I noticed that my device does not light up the display when a new message arrives. It makes noize and vibrates but The display stays dark. Is that the normal behaviour? Can i set some properties to make it light up for a few seconds?
Regards, Novski

This is normal behaviour. But if I remember right, there is already a topic where the same question was asked. There is a link to an app that does the trick.

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I moved your post here. I believe this is the topic @danielsjohan meant.

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I have set those all.

Seams to me like it needs root access to work…?

And this one does not apply the pincode to lock the phone… so its possible unlocked even if i set a pin. :rage:

All that addons i have to use, its a disgrace, for google and Android…
Regards, Novski

I actually think that’s the beauty of Android compared to closed systems like iOS. The OS doesn’t predetermine how the user can use the phone and doesn’t dictate every new and improved/deteriorated design choice on the user, but they can change everything according to their wishes (provided someone created an app/module/addon for that). I’m glad I’m no longer a slave to Apple’s designers.

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Thats true. Im fully with you.
I think it should be possible to manage that over one setup menu.
Android splaters the settings to every app, that then handles it as it likes. Else than providing a intersection to let a developer create a menu in the one (and only) setup of the system. (and yes, prohibiting other setups in the Apps, but what doen’t mean to restrict the level of settings…)
That concentration of one menu that sets up the full system, and gives a centralized point to search for a solution, is someting i miss on android.
It makes it kind of unextrictable even for people like me that like to do dig out such kind of low Level bugs…

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