Lineage-16.0 (Android Pie) Nightly

Let me begin with a big thanks to @chrmhoffmann!

So, we now have official LoS 16 since 2019-05-13, the current version is (releases can be found here: LineageOS Downloads).

What are your observations, upgrade stories, bugs and all that?

My observations are that an upgrade from LoS 15.1 was easy! I formatted /system, installed the Zip via TWRP (a decrypt of /data was neither possible, nor needed) and it works. The ONLY thing I needed to re-do were the homescreen customizations.

One thing that came directly to my attention is that swiping through the homescreens is a little sluggish and laggy. I’ve been using the efficient battery setting and now changed to balanced - well doesn’t make a great difference.

The WLAN-bug (constant disconnects) is still there for me, so nothing better on that side.

@chrmhoffmann Is H.264 video acceleration working in LoS 16 yet? AFAIK Fairphone was able to provide a fix via a recent Android 7 beta update:



I want to underline this and repeat the question if there is a possibility to support you @chrmhoffmann ?

I made a clean install with 16.0-20190513 and then couldn’t make the update to the version 20190514 via updater. Download works, but then appears an error. I downloaded it twice and again got an error.
I than flashed it via TWRP


Had the same issue with the update, did it manually via TWRP as well then.

I had the same problem and had to do it manually.

So you had your data partition encrypted? And Los16 still works fine?

As I heard that there are problems with encryption I erased the encryption on my data partition :frowning: however when I now want to restore a backup android starts a encryption process when booting… :frowning: Till now I didn’t manage to restore my data backup. Do you have any ideas what I could do?

Yes, i use it encrypted.

I do not havy any experience with de- and encryption. Sorry.

Same for me: no problem with a clean install except for the swiping between screen being slightly sluggish at times.
Had to manually do the nightly update because of the error message. Didn’t that problem already happen with 15.1 at first?
Otherwise everything looks fine. I lost all my BT pairings, but I’m used to it ;-).
Battery consumption seems fine, but I do keep notifications and apps running in background on a tight leash (big up for Trust!)
And again, we are forever in your debt @chrmhoffmann !


I also did a clean install yesterday. The only thing that is a little annoying is the lag when swiping the home screens.
The switch in android 9 from the index card like task manager to the iphone like one for me is the most boring part. In my opinion it made it worse using it.
Does anybody know if there is possibility to change it back to the android 8 style?

Also from my side big hands for @chrmhoffmann . Awesome work. We all owe you something.


Did you enable the new navigation bar that replaces the home and app switcher buttons? It might make the experience a little better. But I don’t know of a way to go back to the style of Android 8.

Thats what I think too!

Possibly I found a bug. Maybe someone else can confirm it.
I enabled the otpion, that the system design changes depending on the time. At the night it switches to the dark design and at the day it is light.
Status bar and quick settings/tiles work and it is dark now but in the settings it is still light in the most of the cases. But when I go to “Display settings” for example and then “Design” it switches from light to dark.
The same at “Security and Location” and when open them “Trust” it switches from light to dark.

At least one of the lineage updater problems should be fixed now.

Tested with official twrp-3.3.0.

For everybody who has already installed it, you need to manually do the upgrade through twrp again once (ie download the build manually with PC and update it with twrp) - then the lineage update hopefully works.



Why is there no LoS 16 listed anymore: :scream:


I like it, but Firefox tabs are still closed via the old way. We need consistency like the children of NextStep have!

No idea, but alternatively you can try here …

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There was a server outage at LineageOS build servers. It might be related to that. The LOS+microG builds are still up, FWIW.

I also updated to LOS16, but genius me didn’t check before if there is an XPosed version supporting Android 9. Turns out, there isn’t. The only way I found is via Magisk Manager, which takes control over your root settings (which messes some stuff up, e.g. F-Droid/Yalp auto installation) and is also not open source.
So, does anyone know if XPosed for Android 9 is coming out soon or how I can downgrade to LOS15 again (of course, I didn’t make a backup, because backups are for the weak :man_facepalming: )

EDIT: Oh, and I also can’t use the camera (old modules), but maybe this has something to do with the Magisk stuff.


@Singulus : the new release from today is now available :wink:


Basically front and rear camera work at may device.
Only saving images to SD Card doesn’t work until now.
Pictures are saved at this path:

Where can I enable that?