Latest update broke multitasking pane

Does this hapen for you guys if you switch from gesture navigation to 3 button navigation? This no longer happens to me on 3 button navigation and I can use a custom launcher - Lawnchair - just fine.

This mitigates the issue because the “swipe from bottom” gesture that makes the multitasking pane go crazy is not present with 3 button navigation. You just press the multitasking pane button instead of swiping.

You may need to do again what I wrote, and add some variation (do it, reboot, do it again). I know that’s dumb but since my last message this issue did not appear again on my phone so I assume you must be close. And I use gestures from the beginning.

Hi I have the same problem for halfe a year now. In adition to all the sugestet fixes i also tried a reset and a manual flash of Fairphone OS. Nothing worked. I can confirm that using only quickstep it works fine and using 3 Button navigation also works, but bove is sadly not an option for me. I hope Fairphone has a fix soon. My Friend using the same Louncher with his Fairphone has no Problem what so ever. Maby it is a Hardwareproblem of some sort? Our some variation in the Chips they use that trigger the Problem.

The Problem persists even under Android 14.

With Navigation Bar instead of gestures the problem is almost gone, but under heavy multi tasking it’s reproducable.

I really prefer gestures controlls.

@all did you report to Fairphone by contacting support?

I did months ago report this but nothing happend.

I also contacted a support and I am very disappointed with Fairphone. They have a nice mission, but they can have fairest hardware on the planet (which they probably have) but when software is mediocre and support doesn’t communicate its all for nothing and it is kinda destroying their mission. I would convert my wife to Fairphone but how am I supposed to do it when she sees I am having critical issues (like also a battery drain that I had before).

For the time being I installed CalyxOS on the phone and now I don’t experience the issue with multitasking pane. So for anyone who is a bit technical I would recommend. And you will have more private phone as well.

To Fairphone I recommend to hire developers to improve the software side and really commit to it, otherwise you will never gain “normies”. And support should communicate more and should also have some presence on this forum.