Latest update broke multitasking pane

Chiming in that I’m also getting this with lawnchair! Moving to the default launcher solved this issue for me as well. Happy to help troubleshoot on my device if anyone wants to give me instructions.

I’m having the same issue, also using lawnchair.
Sometimes it just randomly starts working again tho

I never used multitasking pane before.
My launcher is Lean Launcher
Multitasking is possible.

See if you can switch apps or go into overview from the homescreen using gesture navigation.
I think it is a combination of a custom launcher and gesture navigation, specifically a gesture started from a custom launcer, that breaks it.

We am having issues with Recent Apps too. When using any launcher other than the default, Recent Apps won’t show any open apps - swiping right shows the Clear All button, but nothing else. We have found it find when starting with a new launcher for the first few minutes, then after that it shows no apps, even after restarting. Weird.