I have voice echo in the Signal app which uses fairphone 3

I am having echo issue in all the voice calling apps like signal, Telegram which uses fairphone 3 protocol. what could be done to remove the echo please suggest

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Is it yourself or the person on the other side having the echo [EDIT or you having a conversation with someone with a Fairphone]?
The latter issue has been raised before in, e.g., this topic.

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Both are using Signal App

As @adrienneb says it’s not just a Signal issue, this post of yours may be moved by a moderator to the one mentioned.

Same here on matrix/element and jitsi on a fairphone 3. I think this is a problem since the before-last update, it worked flawlessly before :(.

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Hi @gideon

I’m on the 0077 update using WhatsApp, the echoing is infrequent but fairly often.

I think I’ll try taping over one of the mics and or speakers to see if it’s feedback at my end.

I’m also experiencing this issue. On Fairphone 3+ with latest build 8901.3.A.0084.20210204 and I have rebooted since the update. I thought it only happened on other ROM alternatives other than official.

Might be connected with this (although FP2)?

or (although also FP2)?

The equivalent topic for FP3 is here:

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