Echo in VOIP calls

Hello there,

Sinds a few months I use a voip app (Dubline) for a business phonenummer. All of the people I call and are calling me experience an echo. I’ve contacted the appmaker severall times and recieved app updates. Yet the echo stays an makes it impossible to use the app.

Before I switch to another VOIP provider I want to rule out any problems with my microphone or my phone in general. Do you know any way or troubleshooting the check where the problem originates from?

Any help is appreciated.


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There’s a basic microphone test in Settings > Maintenance > Checkup

The primary microphone is the one at the bottom end of the FP2 (a 1 mm hole) and the secondary microphone is the one at the top.

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It’s a known FP2 bug, hardware echo cancellation is broken:


I am experiencing the same issue with FP2 in the third-party apps I use for calls (Messenger, WhatsApp).

The issue was first identified in 2017 (from what i can see) and the bug linked by Chuck above has the status “needs more info”.

Super frustrating, but until there is movement I will keep commenting so the bug report at least stays open.

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Hi there,
Unfortunately Echo in VOIP calls is already closed.
According to https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fp2-android9/issue/25 the problem - callers hear their own echo in VoIP calls (messengers, SIP-apps, …) - should be fixed since Android 9 (beta 20.06.2-beta.0) in June.
Can anybody confirm that this problem does not exist any more?
Does anybody have an idea, wether this will be included in other operating systems (eg. Lineage OS 17)?


I opened the topic and moved your post here.

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