I had lots of (recurring) issues with the FP2. It felt unfinished and not thoroughly tested in many regards. Does FP3 look any better?

During the two and a half years that I used my FP2, I had the Camera/Sensor module, the Microphone module and the back cover replaced two times each. Also after about a year I had the whole Phone replaced, since I had too many issues at once and after my warranty ended I had to purchase a new battery. That are eight separate technical issues and month of headache. If it wasn’t for a bit of advanced knowledge about Android and LOS I luckily have, I probably would have had many more encounters with the support team.

As much as I wanted to support the FP project, I did not recommend any of my friends to get one and switched to a non-fairtrade Phone soon after my warranty expired, which is exactly what I had hoped to prevent when purchasing a modular phone in the first place.

Due to all these bad experiences, I am very sceptical when it comes to the Fairphone 3, but I have to admit, that it do looks like a great phone - even tho the same could be said about the FP2.

My girlfriend is now considering getting one, so I was wondering if any of you might be able to give me a shortterm review, especially with the FP2s issues in mind, about the FP3? Are there any known common issues? Woudl you recommend it to friends and family?

Regards, Jakob


There is already quite some feedback on the FP3 in the following topics

Positive feedback

Negative feedback/wishes for improvement

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