Anyone love their FP3? (= no issues)

Thinking about buying the FP3 and reading through the forum here to see possible problems.
Honestly, the list is a bit frightening, especially Wifi connectivity issues. I do have the Fritzbox 6490 router that has been mentioned here to not work with the FP3.

Therefore, my question:
Who here has no significant issues with their FP3? Who’s phone just works?


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No smartphone is perfect. I got my FP3 for 3,5 days thus far, and I can say it seems to work with no major flaws.


After some days with the FP3, I have no problem. Just some options missing from my previous phone.


No problem for me :grinning:

Minimal brightness is too bright. Other than that, everything is awesome :slight_smile:


I do love mine so far, there’s always a few things to initially figure out when setting up a new phone, but once past that I can definitely recommend it.

I have the Fritz Box 6590 and no problems with WiFi so far. From my side of view the FP3 is a big step forward. Look and feel is more valuable compared with the FP2. The actual Android 9 is fluent.
I just hate the G&&gI@ Search bar on the bottom of the home screen.

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I have that problem with a bunch of phones - this open source app allows you to lower the brightness even more https://f-droid.org/en/packages/giraffine.dimmer/


That’s what I read in some reviews as well (FP1 has the same issue). A pity.

Can you name some please?

What do you guys think about the camera (OIS is missing if I’m correct)?
And what about stamina?

No problem either. 3G/4G reception is waaaay better than FP2.
No problem with Wifi.
What I’m missing the most is LOS as I had it on my FP2. Going back to a “normal” Android feels a bit like a downgrade…
While I found it difficult to recommend buying a FP2 to family and friends/colleagues, I will have no such problem with the FP3 : it looks neat, works fine, battery can last for days, camera’s good, and it will have regular updates.
It may be the phone that will enable Fairphone to step out of the niche market it was in and get its message widespread


Sorry, off-topic, but can’t this be removed?

With Firefox Preview you could add a non-Google search bar (given that you change the default search engine in the app as well) in case you actually want a search bar there, just not from that provider: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.fenix

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I changed laucher and use Lawnchair.
Works fine!

i love my FP3 - have it now for around a month…

no problems with wifi
no problems with 4g

one minor problem: sometimes the headphonejack does not react as intended…


As the opener asked for loving the phone.
I can not add something technical, but something that might be valuable for the “love”-part.
Just from unpacking it and the first impression:
It really is a “brick”, especially compared to almost every other phone. It is big (really, really big), thick and kind of feeling heavy. The bumper even enhances that impression.

Please regard: That’s just an observation, without any judgement from my side.

I guess, it’s the price for modularity with the sturdiness needed to avoit the flaws of the FP2.


I’ve had mine for over a month and I love it.

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I wonder how much of this boils down to a matter of personal preference as I have not experienced this issue. Then again, I don’t hardly ever use my smartphone in bed, and except for the evening I almost always have all my devices on maximum backlight because that is my preference.

I believe I don’t have high demands for a camera (the orig FP2 was inadequate though, but replacement with Open Camera was good enough). The camera is, for my standards, perfectly fine. It exceeds my demands.

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have mine for 4 weeks now, works great. Wifi is very fast (5.0), finding networks however could go faster, had a FP1 till this one and android 9 felt like sci-fi after Jelly Bean


you made my day!
i can finaly remove the g00gle searchbar!

For me a search bar on the home screen is a waste of space. I use the Nova Launcher now. No seach bar and a lot of adjustments possible.

Got mine three days ago. So far works fine except for

  • Rebooting every time I try to open a particular foto I took with the phone (sent via threema)
  • Microphone works with whatsapp, mobileVOIP but not with regular calls (incoming/outgoing)
  • Counting steps with noom walk pedimeter doesn’t work
  • Right now, connecting to wifi doesn’t work but that might be an issue not related to FP3