How to safely sell or buy a second hand Fairphone

Facilitating a platform where Fairphones can be sold or bought is something that has always been on our minds here at Fairphone. Especially since we are movement which promotes sustainability.

However, facilitating such a secondhand-market (be it via a forum thread or through another channel) would only feel comfortable for us if we have the feeling we can make this happen in a safe and more or less controllable way. Since our capacity and resources are limited this isn’t possible at the moment.

This might change in the near future but for now it is a good idea to know the following things if you sell or buy a Fairphone:

There is a two year warranty period from the initial date of delivery. The remainder of these two years are transferred to the next owner. We can help you finding the delivery date if you provide us with a serial number.

I want to buy a Fairphone
We keep a list of Fairphones reported to us by their owners as being stolen. So if you are going to buy a used Fairphone, ask for the serial number and IMEI-numbers from the seller’s Fairphone, these can be found on a sticker underneath where the battery is. Then check with us if the phone offered might be stolen. If the sticker is not there, it might be that the phone has had a new motherboard. In that case you can find the IMEI numbers via System Settings > About phone > Status > IMEI information.

As a prospective owner, please contact us with the IMEI numbers of the phone you want to purchase. We can check it with the list of stolen phones to verify ownership. Once you’re a new Fairphone owner, we recommend that you notify us about your purchase and provide us with the serial number and/or IMEI numbers of the device.
You can do that easily by sending us an email via

I want to sell a Fairphone
As a seller, you can provide prospective owners with the IMEI numbers of your phone so they can ensure it is a genuine sale.

Once you’ve made the sale, make sure to provide the new owner with the original order number (this is found on the confirmation mail when you purchased the phone) and preferably the purchase invoice.

Next, send us the email address of the new owner via the email address you used for the original purchase. You can do this easily via This way we can unregister you and register the new owner.