Suggestion: IMEI checker for used devices?

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I pretty much like the unofficial market area, but to even support 2nd hand trading further, it would be great to have a possibility to check IMEI from your devices to see if everything’s legit and the device not reported as stolen. Maybe a web tool?

What do you think?


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Better contact Fairphone directly via with this.

Interesting but how would FairPhone could get this kind of info?
I mean, if my phone is stolen, I report it to the Police and not to the manufacturer?
If I sell my FP, do I have to inform Fairphone?
Of course, if a truck full of FP2 is stolen, I guess Fairphone may block the full package and warn the potential buyers.

In France, the IMEI is banned on all the national networks if you report it the Police.
But, the ban list is not public and limited to the national networks so pretty useless on the European/World scale.

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Hm, well maybe a «Find my Fairphone» feauture would solve that. As soon as it gets marked as stolen, it’s flagged in the database and if someone checks the IMEI, it’s at least clear in those cases.

If someone could prove ownership beforehand, maybe even a form to report it as stolen might be one solution – but not to make it mandatory, since in most cases buying used devices works out pretty well anyway.

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Apparently people do report their phone as stolen to Fairphone:

Find the whole information about “safely selling or buying a second hand Fairphone” here:


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