Hello dear fairphone community user's! Selling my fairphone 2

Hello selling my FairPhone 2 very good condition! Its in France but can send in any other countries.
Condition 10/10 32gb.
Color Dark Blue
Contact on email jebsuwallet@gmail.com
More photos and info on email! :slight_smile:
Able a local pickup in France.
230 euros price negotiable.!!!

Moderators note: potential buyers are advised to exercise caution when negotiating a purchase on the marketplace (see e.g. here), but especially in cases of ads where detail is offered primarily via e-mail as there is a history of people being scammed this way or being offered stolen goods. Realise that pictures can be obtained easily from the net. Always ask for a proof of purchase and check the IMEI number with Fairphone support.


Come on, the same stolen picture, really?!