[SOLD] Almost New FP4-128GB grey case

What product(s) are you offering?

FP4 almost new: bought in December 2021, used for 3 months but I got a second one

At what price are you willing to sell or give it/them (for free/fixed/negotiable)?

Make an honest offer, considering the purchase price (€579)…

From where would you be shipping (country or city)?

Brussels (Belgium)

Photo(s) of the product(s) (if it is a phone, please include a photo of the phone switched on displaying the current date):

Picture taken with my other FP4. The one I am selling is already packed for shipping

Other, remarks:

I bought this FP4 on december 11th 2021 to replace a 6 years old FP2. I received it in December, I unlocked the bootloader to install Magisk. Everything worked fine, I did the OTA updates. At the beginning of March the breakdown occurred. I called in the service and after several weeks my FP4 came back in factory conditions. But I had not waited and had already bought a second FP4…
I can transfer the 5 years warranty to the new owner.
I can answer in English, French or Italian

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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Bonjour, pourquoi avez-vous commandé un deuxième FP4, alors que le premier était en réparation ?

Quand mon téléphone s’est bloqué (si vous regardez dans le forum vous verrez qu’il y a un bug dans le logiciel qui se manifeste quand on veut reverrouiller le bootloader, comme c’est arrivé à moi et à plusieurs autres) j’ai eu peur car j’ai vu qu’ils demandaient le prix du téléphone neuf pour la réparation. J’ai donc décidé d’en acheter un autre, en me disant que si le premier était finalement réparé à un prix raisonnable je pourrais le revendre, sinon j’aurais une réserve de pièces détachées… Au final ils n’ont demandé que 29€, pour les frais de port et les 15 minutes qu’il leur a fallu pour re-flasher l’OS d’origine.
… … …
When my FP4 was bricked (if you look in the forum you’ll see that there is a bug in the software that manifests itself when one wants to re-lock the bootloader, as happened to me and several others) I got scared when I saw that they were asking the price of the new phone for repair. So I decided to buy another one, telling myself that if the first one was repaired at a reasonable price I could resell it, otherwise I would have a reserve of spare parts… In the end they only asked for 29€, for the shipping costs and the 15 minutes it took them to re-flash the original OS.

Merci pour votre réponse.

Hello! Is it still available?

Hello Irene,
The fp4 is not yet sold, but someone is interested and waiting for confirmation from the support that it is not a stolen device.
I’ll keep you posted on developments.

First come first serve.
I would sell if to the first who pay.

Why not? I might end up doing what you say…
Currently after IreneCH two other peoples have expressed their interest in FP4 by PM .
But I guess I’m not very good at raising the stakes.

How far along are you with the current negotiations?

Hello @aurelie1 and @IreneCH, the FP4 is sold and shipped. Thank you for your interest!

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This FP4 is SOLD, but I can’t modify the topic title… :roll_eyes:
Maybe some admin can do that? Thanks

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