"Fairphone for" count is incorrect - how can I reset it?

I got my Fairphone2 in April as a late birthday present and was extremely happy with it. Unfortunately, it was stolen 10 days ago and I am still devastated :frowning: I have contacted Fairphone to see whether there is a stolen phone register or something like this but have not yet received a reply… And if anyone knows if there is such a thing: Please let me know!

So I ordered a new Fairphone - and it arrived yesterday and I was so happy to have it back. After inserting my SIM card I logged in with my gmail account and was asked if I want to restore my settings (apps) so I said yes. I lost some information that wasn’t backed up but that’s life I guess.

Something that really bugs me though is that the “Your Fairphone for” feature says 8 months, 2 weeks and 3 days - which does not make any sense. My phone was stolen at 4 months something so it should either say that or It should start at 00m 00w 00d. The day I got my first Fairphone2 it started at 00m 00w 00d, so counting the days I’ve actually had the phone for. Now I’m wondering: How can I reset this count? And why would it be at 8m 2w 3d anyways? Is it a used phone? Somewhere I read that it has something to do with the motherboard but then why did my first FP2 start the count when I first turned it on? I think it’s a great feature but if it doesn’t work it actually just makes me sad.

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Fairphone has one, and they encourage second hand buyers to verify whether the device hasn’t been listed as stolen:

Also, if you haven’t done so, contact your provider to report the theft. Most countries operate some sort of IMEI blacklist and most providers will pass on the IMEI numbers of stolen phones to such a list.

Probably in the Fairphone Software overview (see interactive clock):

The behaviour has, however, been changed in one of the updates. But I agree, it would be interesting to know whether there is a way to change this (as long as people realise the date is not an indication for warranty etc.)

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Thanks for the quick reply. The phone was stolen in Brazil so I reported the IMEI to the police when I reported the theft. They said they are quite successful in finding stolen phones… who knows.

And yes, that’s probably where I read it. But what do you mean by the behavior has changed in one of the updates? And I do realize it has nothing to do with warranty, it’s just a pity because the number shown does not mean anything to me really - and it’s a cool feature, something special, so why not make it work properly.

Not entirely sure, could even just be cosmetic, but the 1.4.2. update announcement mentions:

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