📣 How to install iodéOS 3.2 for Fairphone 4

Hi Fairphone community,

In case someone is struggling to install iodéOS him/herself on the Fairphone 4 as I did, my blog post might help:

Glad to see that the article already found its way into the forum. I actually hoped that the iodéOS would pick up something from it to improve their very short official installation instructions. As this hasn’t happened yet, I am crossposting this here and in the iodé forum.

I am not an expert but this might be what makes the article useful: It’s also accessible for less experienced people. Glad to hear any feedback for improvement. :upside_down_face:


Is it perhaps possible to generalize the instructions? We are now already at iodéOS 4 and at some point comes iodéOS 5 and so on.

You could e.g. replace the links in point 6. and 7. with this one: GitHub - iodeOS/ota. From there you should always come automatically to the current page with the latest files.

Otherwise :+1:


That’s a good point, thanks. I have made some changes.

Finding the latest version through the official instructions is a good idea but I fear that this also changes more quickly than just the “raw” list of GitHub releases. So I have adapted “Step 6: Boot into recovery” from

  1. Download the recovery for FP4 to your desktop from iodéOS release page on GitHub. Choose the .img file with the most recent date in its file name.


  1. Identify the latest release of iodéOS for the FP4. For that, on your desktop, go to iodéOS' release page on GitHub and search for the latest release that is made for the Fairphone 4. In my case, this was “iodéOS 3.x for Fairphone FP4” but for you this might already be a later version, e.g., “iodéOS 4.x”. Make sure to select the latest version of iodéOS and one that is made for the FP4.
  2. On the right release page, download the recovery to your desktop by choosing the .img file with the most recent date in its file name.

(and similar changes where the link was placed: the TL;DR and steps 6-8)

I won’t go beyond that because I don’t want to post instructions for something I have not tried out myself. To be honest I haven’t even noticed yet that there is version 4 of iodéOS :sweat_smile: Despite all the “fun” I had I hope that I can just upgrade fro v3 to v4 without flashing the phone again :wink:

Please also read

Update to iodéOS 4.1:

Installation procedure: move to a fastboot script (read instructions: iode / ota · GitLab)

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This is so fascinating, and I am glad I came around this after just having joined the Fairphone forum ! Thanks for this !
My only regret is that I wish I would have bought the iode-fairphone instead of mine which I just purchased.
As a newbie to smartphones in general I now am REALLY scared to root and install a new Os on it which could void my 5 year warranty.
So is there a service from iode or Fairphone out there who does this change for me?

An expert change still voids the warranty.

To benefit from the warranty the default Fairphone OS must be installed, so to validate the warranty due to the OS change, just change it back to the default.

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You dont need to root to install, just to clarify wording.

Else I dont think you can send it to Iode for installation, might be worse to check their HP. FP will not officially help you with this, however maybe you have an Angel close who can help unofficially

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For anyone not tech savy or brave enough to root their phone: Another solution is duckduckgo.com .

  1. Get their app
  2. Go into settings
    3 At the bottom activate the beta version of “protection against app tracking

It shows you in notifications that some apps tried to track you hundreds of times within one session.
This seems to be the next best thing after iode as I see it.
If you know what iode does what duckduckgo can’t please let us know.

No one needs to root their phone to install Iode OS!

That is surprising news to me, yvmuell. Please tell me how peoplpe can install iode without rooting their phone.
I’d do it at an instance but am worried that it voids my 5-year FP-guarantee.

Also, any comparison between iode and duckduckgo would be appreciated.

For such questions please do some reading in general and do not discuss here in the Installation guide.

E.g. here

Or just read overall and best official installation instructions which do not indicate anything about rooting.

You have to unlock the bootloader of your phone to install iodéOS (or any other OS for that matter).

Rooting refers to patching the system with something like Magisk to gain root privileges (hence the name), which lets you modify parts of the running system you normally couldn’t.

Those are two different things, so no, you don’t have to root your phone to install iodé.

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HirnSushi: Thanks for that info.
Well, technically unlocking the bootloader is different than rooting,
but when I looked it up meanwhile it also was suggested only to do if
one knows what one is doing”.
So it also seems to me as a layman an equally risky practice involving a high learning curve.
This is why I was addressing the duckduckgo alternative which is moved to the other thread now.

One thing is certain: I won’t install any other os now until fairphone itself either does it for me or my warranty runs out (in 5 years - sigh).

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