Does rooting void warranty for Fairphone 4?

which makes it impossible to go back to the official Software version provided by Fairphone

But it’s hardly impossible to go back to the official software version if you flash a custom ROM though?

Also, isn’t the phone sold with /e/ as an option? Isn’t that covered either?

That’s what I’m wondering though. If the phone “dies” due to a hardware flaw, will it be covered by the warranty?

No, wrong.

If sold by /e/foundation or iode, warranty exist. Also extended warranty

In that case Murena (also Iode when you bought preinstalled) handle warranty and flashing of FPOS.


As we are only user we cannot give you any def. answer however as long as the custom rom does not break the hardware, hardware defects would be covered under warranty

It’s quite fascinating how fuzzy their terms are on this point, I have to say.

Yeah I’ve emailed both the store I bought my phone at, along with Fairphone themselves and asked about this.

I expect no warranty for the installing of the custom OS itself, but nothing in the terms flat out say there shouldn’t be warranty for /e/, seeing as installing it isn’t “permanent” in the sense described in the license agreement.

It is clear that if you have e/ installed from the reseller then they handle the warranty.

If you choose to change the OS you are only being asked to re-install the original OS to ensure the fault is not generated by the custom OS

I’m not sure what problem you have with that.

There is the isseu that if the OS is preinsatlled as in Murena selling with /e/ then you do not have to root so no problem with Murena

If you buy with FOS then yes, just set it back to FOS before you complain. That’s a simple condition and makes sense.

I just want to avoid the scenario where hardware breaks and I’m unable to install the original OS. For example, if the screen gives up over night for no apparent reason.

All I want to know is whether or not they will fix the device in that case.

Let’s say
No risk no fun…

They will fix it at a price as they can’t test using another OS other than starting with a new install, which isn’t thier liability.

Let’s face it Fairphone won’t be able to see the problem without an OS to test unless they take the phone appart and test every module.

Sure they will do that but you will have to pay. You can’t really expect them to do all that for free.

So the issue boils down to the tools not working with something that isn’t Fairphone OS? That makes sense. We will see if they respond with something else on the email.

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Not just that, I imagine, people can do all sorts of things to the phone via software and ruin a phone. However if the phone is using the Fairphone OS and is not working then as long as the warranty is still valid Fairphone have obligations to check the phone.

The Fairphone support has finally answered!

You will need to be able to revert to the original Fairphone OS to be able to claim on warranty in most situations. Of course if it is clear that it is a purely mechanical issue, then the warranty will still apply. However, if the feature affected could possibly have been affected by an alternate OS, and you are unable to revert to FOS then the warranty would be void.

(Boldening of text is mine)

So basically, it’s as I suspected. If you install LineageOS and the audio breaks due to faulty ROM drivers, they won’t help you with that. If you install LineageOS and then the motherboard or screen breaks, they will help you with that.

So basically, if you don’t want to lose warranty, don’t lock the bootloader when a non-Fairphone OS is installed.

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is the warranty still valid if i root my fp4?



Hi and welcome, I moved your question and even if for a Murena device you should find an answer above


Well then. Thanks a lot. I found what I was looking for.

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Short answer for EU citizen : no unless the manufacturer can prove the software made the defect which is only possible for a limited number of case.
Does rooting your phone invalidate its warranty? (In EU) :: Law is Freedom for the long version and that’s a long time it’s like that, Fairphone and other brands can write what they want, EU law it’s EU law so use your local consumer association if you have any trouble and if you are an EU citizen to make them respect the law.

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Rooting won’t void the warranty in itself.
But Fairphone will ask you to install FPOS (without root) before sending a warranty claiim.