Degoogling new fp4 questions

So I recently got a new fp4, and I’d like to degoogle it. I’m leaning towards IodeOS.

There’s few things that have come up in my research that I’d like clarification on:

I’m running a11 stock (FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920), and being offered a12 update ( FP4.SP29.B.069). Which version of Idode do I want so that I still have the option of reverting to stock, and getting OTA updates in either case?

It’s a long time since I flashed a custom rom on a phone and back then verified boot and downgrade prevention etc didn’t exist so it was nearly impossible to brick anything. Do I update stock first or not, do I lock bootloader or not?

Secondly, I’ve read in various places that some phones need a sim and volte/vowifi to be activated on stock prior to flashing custom roms, is FP4 one of these? I currently have no lte coverage where I live (provider coverage checker says I do but I’ve never seen it apart from for half an hour sitting on the floor of an empty room 3 days before I moved into the house 4 years ago. My current Oneplus 3t always says H+) and I’m unsure if my network (3 UK) support/allow this functionality on phones not purchased from them in any case.

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Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

For those who wish to acquire a FP4 and use it with IodéOS I think the safest route is to buy the phone with the IodéOS pre-installed. That won’t help you, but it might help others reading this.

You should certainly prepare your operations carefully and take expert advice (which I personally cannot give you). The site is probably the best place to go, though there are knowledgeable contributors on this forum, I’m thinking of @LibrePhoner , @brotmaa for example.

Make sure you read this, cited here:

… and all other topics on this forum concerning IodéOS.
Lastly, be aware that using custom ROMs usually implies some compromises, and certainly care and patience. Take your time!

Good luck! :+1:

I would consult your carrier about that. What you describe amounts to making the carrier’s systems believe that your phone is running stock ROM. That’s likely to be incompatible with OTA (I would think).

Hi and welcome to the community,

You mean beta or stable Iode? Both allow OTA updates and yes you can always go back.

For me this would currently depend on the security patch date (when its important for you to relock the bootloader) and as Iode is a bit slow in patching those, FPOS might be higher with the most recent update from this week (includes security patch date 5th may and Iode might still be on March patch date till end of June).

Overall you can flash back and forth as many times as you want, the only important thing to do is to check get unlock ability is 1 (> fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability) before you lock the bootloader. Iode has this check in their install isntructions, I’m just not sure why this should be done before you flash something, in my eyes this should be done after you flashed and before you boot into the system after flashing. And with Iode you probably still have to delete the avb custom keys when you want to go back to FPOS

You need an internet connection to get the unlock code and enable OEM Unlocking on your FP4.

I meant v2, v3, v4 or v4.1, sorry for not being more specific. I prefer stable in general

I have wifi. What I read was specific to volte/vowifi, and said that on certain (unspecified) phones the only way to have these features available on custom roms
was to basically set them up and have them function at least once on stock prior to flashing.

They aren’t interested in helping if you didn’t purchase the handset from them, Ultimately they’re going to have to allow handsets purchased from other sources to use these features as 3g is being turned off in a few years.

So always the latest which is 4.something as the rest is outdated and not updated.

Never heard about such, which does not mean its not true, so do you have any link to where such is stated?

I can’t recall now, but I’ve definitely read it in more than one place. It stood out to me as a bit odd.

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