How to export the whole calender (or copy files somewhere)?

Does anyone know if I could export my whole (native) calendar entries, or at least one of the synced calenders, as a file? Or where to find the actual files on android?

The situation is weird. I have a shared Google calendar which somehow got nearly all dates wiped today on all devices but mine, because I was out of WiFi range. The idea of one in our group was that I export all events, and try to re-upload them into the shared calendar.

Never tried that before, quick websearch did not really help.

Funnily I have checked just today where the calendars are stored (after having it backed up earlier).

You can find the calendar in /data/data/


I had a look with OI File Explorer. I don’t seem to have a sub-directory /data/data?

FTR, I turned on WiFi again on my FP, the calendars are set to sync, and I still got the old calender (with all entries) on my phone - when I check my Google Calendar online, however, the entries are gone.

I don’t get it. Has something gone seriously wrong when restoring my calendar after the last factory reset? But why is the group’s calendar then wiped?

Seriously confusing.

Just a thought;
It could be that the sub-directory /data/data is a hidden file.
So you have to tell that you want to see hidden files as well.

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You can export, synch, save and edit your Android Calander and Contacts on your PC with the great Freeware tool “MyPhoneExplorer”:

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I did. OI File Manager has a menu setting for that, which is AFAIR defaulted to display hidden files.

Thanks, @mgkoeln. I’ll look into this ASAP.