Google Account Issues after upgrading to the unified storage partition


Last night I had upgraded to the unified storage partition. I followed the instructions, including making a backup using the standard Backup and Restore app on the phone.

I then restored my personal data and apps using the standard Backup and Restore app. Everything seems to have gone fine.

This morning I’ve noticed (on my desktop PC) that my (personal) google calendar is empty. Looking again at my Fairphone calendar, all the events are from the PC Sync calendar (I’m guessing this the backup I restored from?). On my phone, when I make the calendar display only my google calendar there are no events. And when I make it display the other google calendars I have (e.g. Holidays in the UK), also no events - yet these calendars do show events on my desktop pc when I look at my google calendar

Any ideas? Have I lost my personal google calendar?

On my desktop PC I removed one of my other google calendars, synced my phone (checked it had gone from the list of calendars), then added it back on my desktop PC, and then synced my phone again. This calendar does now appear back on my phone. yay - and I can do this for the other 4 calendars I have easily enough

my personal google calendar is more of an issue though. I would have thought it would have synced when I re-installed the google apps after updating?

Erm. I’m confused. I seem to have lost one of my calendars as well, and am trying to regain it. Basically, what you say is go to your devices which have lost the calendar, kill the calendar there, sync your phone to Google and then re-install the calendar on the devices which were out of sync, and re-sync them. Right?
In my case, it’s a group calendar, so it’s a little more complicated. That would mean asking the whole group to de-install the calendar on all their devices, I guess??

Isn’t there a better way?

@humorkritik I don’t known about your situation. I’ve got back my other google calendars the way I described in my second post, but I don’t think that would work for you (I’m talking about other google calendars that people had created, e.g. Holidays in the UK, which I could find through ‘Browse interesting calendars’, or I could add/subscribe to through their google calendar ID)

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Ah, misunderstood you there. Thanks, anyway.

@humorkritik this tool helped me a bit, managed to recover some of my events (I was mainly concerned about recurring ones I have in my calendar, like birthdays. I had to duplicate events and make them repeat annually again, but I think I got the majority back)