Dynamic ics calendars in google appear way too often (provider issue)

I have a calendar in my google account which retrieves the ics file from a URL and changes dynamically.

On my FP1U I now recognized the strange behavior that this calendar appears lots of times (it grows by 1 every day i think) on the native and on other calendars (e.g. Business Calendar 2).
I guess the fairphone creates a new one every time something changes in the original calendar.

In short: This one calendar gets displayed multiple times on my phone (and it grows every day^^).

I actually just wanted to know if some of you experienced the same issue and to let you know.


I have not experienced this behaviour and think, it is caused by the app you use. Which one is it?
I for example use ICalSync2 and don’t have this problem.

Edit: Ok, I see now (after @ben’s post) that you use Google Apps to synchronize your calendar… Since I do not use Google Apps, I’m not a great help then.

PS.: I changed the category from Bugs to Help because we would need more information and hints to say that this is caused by Fairphone software.

Can verify this calendar is not displayed multiple times in the google Calendar web app?

This was pretty strange right now…

@Stefan: I tried this with a lot of apps including Business Calendar 2, Google calendar app, native app, aCalendar … everywhere it’s the same

@ben: The calendar was in the google calendar web app, but it was not shown at all… I now deleted it and imported the URL again, now it’s shown again.
The sync works, too, right now, but it could happen, that tomorrow the calendar appears twice again… so I will give you an update whether this remove-and-import-again solved the problem or just reseted it^^

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Nope, today the URL calendar appears twice…

I still think this could be a FP OS bug as it did not happen before the 1.8 update

Maybe the calendar database was corrupted during the update. Try deleting this file with a file browser with root access, like Open Explorer beta. Careful, you will loose all calendar entries, which are not in the cloud! It should be created again, when you sync your calendar again.

@Stefan: I tried it twice, but unfortunately it did not work…

I checked the online google calendar and again, the entries are completely gone…
so they are not displayed in the google web view, but three times in my calendar app

This could also be a google issue^^

Sounds strange… :slight_smile: Maybe Google indeed is experiencing troubles, try a web search for your symptoms, to see if other people can help.

Well, I got an email which indicates that the original cause of the problem is my university (where the ical file is originally from …), they are working on the issue :smile:

So false alarm from my side…

Anyway, thanks for your help!

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Hmm, I was kind of thinking that it’s a university calendar because at the change from the winter to the summer semester, some entries were also shown twice in my calendar. :wink: Well, I hope they figure out the problem with your calendar soon!