Calendar appointments disapear by themselves

Standard fairphone calendar
Syncs w google calendar
Old appointments are fine
Yesterday new appointments started dissapearing/selferasing a couple of minutes after being written
Very annoying! What to do?
I hope somebody has an answer!

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This goes into the Help category rather than the Software category.

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have this appointments also disappeared from the google calendar or just from your local calendar storage? Have they reached the online Version? If you make an new appointment, using the online interface, will it appear and/or disappear at your telephone after a while?


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when adding appointment in google calendar online on my PC the oppointment appears almost instantly in the calendar on my fairphone and stays.

When adding an appointment in the calendar on my fp it does not appear in google calendar online but disappears by itself after aprox 30 sek.

(I have turned the phone on and off but no change)

and thanx for the super snappy reply! :smile:

Things you could try:

  1. Remove your account on the phone and add it again.
  2. Clear cache (at first) and if this doesn’t work clear the data of your calendar app too.
  3. Delete the calendar database. You need a root browser (browser with superuser access) to do this.


sounds for me like a one way sync. Data will be synced from google to your phone but not from your phone to google. So if you enter an appointment on your phone it will be overwritten with “noting” when your phone gets next time the data from google (because google does not know anything about this appointment).

I don’t use google calender but at my CalDav-Sync Software I can configure such things. So maybe you find an equal option at your google sync setting.



how to clear cache?

how to clear data of caledar app with out causing damage/loosing apointments?

if I delete contacts database wont I loose all contacts? (do I have a rootbrowser? or wich one should i use?)

How to clear the cache / delete data of your calendar app

Go to Settings > Apps > All > Calendar (or calendar storage) and hit clear cache.
The same goes for deleting the data.

If you have the calendar stored in your online account, they won’t be gone there.

Root browser

I use Open Explorer Beta (File manager) from F-Droid.

PS: Sorry, I meant the calendar and not the contacts! :slight_smile:

PPS: I would start with removing your account (also changed this in my former post).

I’m sometimes experiencing this and I’m currently trying to figure out why this happens. So far, I think it’s related to my syncing settings.

I suggest before deleting your account, you first try the following:

  • go offline with your FP by disabeling WiFi and Data connections.
  • go to the web version of Google calender
  • see if the calender in question is shown (if it’s your basic calender, this should be default, but additional calenders can be turned on and off).
  • (It might be a good idea to download your calendar as an ics file or something at this point, there’s howtos somwhere on the web.)
  • on your FP, go to [ Settings ] [ Accounts ] [Google], tap the account (could be $ and see that the point [Calendar] is checked.
  • Go to the Calendar app, choose [Settings], tap your account (see above) and check the calender you want to be in sync is checked.
  • now, go online with your FP and sync the calendar. You should see exactly the data which you see online.

Then, try again to create an event on your phone and see if it is synced correctly. You might want to turn Sync on and off a couple of times like described in the fourth step ([Settings] menu). Try to create a event and see if it pops up on the web version after syncing. I hope it does.

If that did not work, Google advises this (fullquote from this page)

Important: The following steps may result in the loss of any unsynced data. Any event information that can’t be viewed on Google Calendar on a computer will be lost. We recommend these steps only if the troubleshooting steps above don’t resolve the issue.

Directions for your device might be a bit different:

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Find the Apps or Application manager section. You may need to scroll down or go to a different page in settings.
  3. Swipe right to view the list of ALL apps.
  4. Find and select Calendar in the list.
  5. Touch Clear data.
  6. Answer OK when prompted.
  7. You might also see Calendar Storage in the list. If you do, clear data for that app as well.
  8. Restart your device.

Be aware of the warning on top of this quote. Be also aware that after turning on your device again, you will have to sync your calender first to get all the data from the cloud.

The next step would be to try again to submit a change to the calendar, from your Fairphone.

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I have the same problem in synching with my PC - what’s occurring?

I only we knew. Still testing. Currently, I can’t save events from the phone to Google Calender, it appears. And of course, I did what I described above.

I too have tried al the ‘reboot’ suggestions. Not a cloud fan through so using outlook calendar on my PC not Google calendar in the cloud…

Cleared cache: didn’t work
Cleared data: didn’t work
Turned phone on off a couple of times: no change.

I can add appointments on the PC fine. They instantly appear on phone.

Will try erasing account tomorrow…

Good night

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Please clarify: you are syncing PC <-> Fairphone? Without a server in between? What apps are you using to sync?

You might have got a different problem than @Asger and me.

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how to erase and reinstall account? (I should probably know but Im sure u techies have made an easy to follow guide somewhere allready!)

the Root browser thingie sounds awfully complicated… will save that for last and hope something else works out… I hope humorkritik figures something out!

If you can’t find one here I am sure you’ll find one on Google (or your preferred web search). In this case you can then share it with us.

If you don’t find any, you probably should provide one yourself!

An App called Android-synch. But the problem is the same. Synchs fine (everything looks OK) but then all appointments disappear from phone after 5 minutes…

I presume you mean this one? So you sync via USB? That’s indeed a different pair of shoes, then.

That’s the one. Fail to see how its any different though, everything loads fine then I wait a few minutes to see everything disappearing. It worked last week and doesn’t now. Something has changed somewhere.,…