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How about OTG? Transfer rate?

OTG is possible, but I have no idea of the transfer rate.

A general comment on Fairphone’s communicating. For more than a year i am frequently consulting the forum to get new informations about the FP 3. Today i accidently (recommended article via Pocket for Firefox) found this article on Zeit Online ( I found out that it already has been announced at august, 28th, e.g. see Therefor i am still missing any ‘personal’ information via email. My last official email i got from is from September, 11th 2017. Is this by design? I still think a lot of old users are interested and still didn’t found out about the release.

Did you subscribe to the newsletter?
You can do this on the bottom of this page.

Well, I got an email
(this is the online version of it)
on august the 27th

Of course I knew of the FP3 before :wink:

No, i never got an email which said something about unsubscribing. I did it again now.

A general question i have about the recycling feature: Do i order it and send my old phone after i get the FP 3? Since sending the old before the new would be nearly impossible to manage for the system transfer.

If my memory serves me right, after ordering, I got the information to send the phone in later and get a refund.
So, obviously they have done some consideration.

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Ok, I can’t remember how I subscribed for the newsletter, I had some mails with the support, maybe then… :man_shrugging:

Yes, you will recieve the FP3 first.

Go to this page and tab at that page on the blue words 'Learn more > ’ which you can find a few lines under the price quote.


I was looking into this the other day and I found out OTG is baked in USB-C. So if you just have a USB-C to female USB-A you have guaranteed “OTG” functionality.

Anyone who’s already seen it: is there a notification LED? I can’t see this from the description …


Yes, there is, look at the top module :wink:


USB-C indeed does not need a separate pin in the connector to make clear that a cable is OTG: devices can find out by themselves who is host and who is client on the cable.

Still, that does not mean that all phones actually support being a host. However given the FP2 supported OTG it would surprise me if the FP3 didn’t.

Yesterday at Fairphone I was told that one can use an OTG with a FP3.


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Interestingly with those dates now it seems even if you order with resellers, you would not get it very much earlier than with the mid-September date directly from Fairphone (at least for those who ordered very quickly after the launch).
The September 4 date given at first for resellers implied otherwise.


I’ve heard rumours that there was a hiccup in production a while ago. Maybe they initially planned to have stock on launch day and to supply the resellers very soon after, but had to change their plans? Pure speculation of course (though such things happen often, as consumers we just don’t usually hear about it), but might explain why the dates are soon, but not 100% fixed.

True, but - just possibly - the resellers already have a longer list of preorders?

And I expect Fairphone to have a special order-line for resellers.
If e.g. memolife has lots of preorders and already sold the initially ordered batch, their next batch will surely not being shipped mid October.

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The first phones indeed go to resellers, probably because they have contracts with Fairphone to delivers a certain number of phones by a specific date. When resellers want something that had not been contracted beforehand, they probably have to wait just as long as us.

Of course this all boils down to making good estimates of FP3 sales for all the resellers. If they underestimated demand, then phones will go out of stock at resellers too.

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