General Fairphone 3 discussion

Well, I did not check for it.
But, as I posted above, the feature-list on the vireo homepage does list FM-radio (with RDS).
Memolife does not offer that kind of detailed information.

I can confirm from trying it out myself on an FP3, and after conferring with @AlbertJP who did the same, that individual SIM cards can be disabled. Only one can be disabled at a time, though both can be disabled by enabling airplane mode (in the FP2 wifi, BT and GPS can be turned back on while in airplane mode).


Would my fp1 charger and cable work as well on a fp3 if I bought a usb micro to usb c adapter? Many thanks for any help anyone may give.

I charged the FP3 with my 16 or 14 year old Apple iPod charger and a random USB-A-to-USB-C cable. I am certain the FP1 charger would work with the FP3 as well. Regarding the cable/adapter question, I cannot say for certain if it would definitely work for both energy and data (most likely yes).

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Thanks for the reply :+1:

It’s best to buy such an adapter in a way so that you can easily return it if it didn’t work.
I have a cheapo microUSB-USB-C adapter (was part of an adapter set) lying around which works for some devices, but not for others.


12 screws for the display. Let’s hope that’s rigid enough for all users.
A small phillips screwdriver is delivered instead of yet another usb charger.

Generally I think Fairphone has done a good job on following customer feedback, extracting lots of information out of this forum and detailed analysis of customer service /repair tickets.
All specs are just fine for me. Specifically dedicated sim slots + sd card slot. I believe the community will miss the extra pogo pins though.


According to this and this site most surely not as the modem is integrated in the main chip. Same game as with FP2 which most surely will remain for future developments -> hence called SoC (system on chip). You see this is no clunky pc tower system. You would need a pin compatible successor chip AND also rework the entire main circuit board layout. I believe again the core module will have the highest environmental impact. So it is very unlikely to be done after some years.

As I could see it being disassembled in front of my eyes. Trust me it’s not more waterproof than FP2 was.

Yes it does as it’s actually the chip having it implemented.


5G - now?

Please enlighten me/us, for what? What do you miss that 4G could not do already?
As it seems you are not living in Germany. Otherwise you would be glad to even have access to 4G somewhere.
We have 2G around for the longest, 4G isn’t even available everywhere in the country to the contrary of what has been promised for those customers without access to high-speed cable network. So from my experience I can promise you, even in 5 years from now 4G will still be available and quite sufficient for most private needs.
Do you seriously believe globally several billions of smartphone keepers will switch so quickly from a 4G to a 5G capable phones within 5 years? Also considering the high price?
Maybe FP3 is not for you, but there are handsets out there offering 5G capabilities. Feel free to keep us updated how much their average price is atm. Many thanks in advance.

I guess this means NO, as “Dual SIM Dual Standby” or DSDS means one sim card at a time can utilize the modem. Otherwise it would be DSDA “Dual SIM Dual Active” (not only one but two individual modems integrated?).
But this is only from my understanding. Maybe someone here has a deeper insight how this could work.

But don’t forget the quantity. FP2 was manufactured in small batches. Not sure how FP3 is going to be manufactured, but may again not catch up with any mainstream phone quantities. This also has an impact on the price.

Yes it would, otherwise it already could have been done with the FP2.
Read on here why if you feel like.

Not at all

Well, looks like 5 years are nearly achieved - considering the phone was launched in 2015.
The decision was up to you if you bought it later. Support is counted from launch, not from purchase. Are you sure this is much different with Apple? So your daughter purchased her iPhone 5S brand new having received updates for 5 years now?

I think it is, at least in the Android universe, read on here if you like.

So what do you think - lesson learned or not?


Oh, only 200GB now? So they corrected their initial statement about expandability.


I first read USB-C with QC 3.0 support. But then it made me wonder as there was written a charge time of 3,5h. Doesn’t really sound like quick charging as even FP2 can charge quicker only having USB 2.

Eh! Where is this now?

I guess they specifically decided for this size to avoid damages from being held in garment pockets overheating and accumulating moist. Very foreseeing imho.

See links above; where Qualcomm states a slow motion video mode:

But as read from the FP3 specs this mode does not seem to be supported (maybe only a software thing just as with RAW images format)

It was altered since the initial launch date as I could realize (read above with @urs_lesse and his sd card). So maybe there were more alterations/corrections done meanwhile.
But yes, “FM-radio (with RDS)” is still listed by Fairphone for the newest FP3.


Generally should work, but maybe not in quick charge mode. Also depending on the power demand of the FP3 it may not be able to provide enough current to charge at all. Some users even had troubles with their old chargers not providing enough current to get the FP2 charged.


Yeah, around December 2020. So 15 months to go.

Yes, Apple builds up hype, and then sells the devices right after release. They keep the price stable afterwards whereas Samsung is known for putting their device up for less a few months after release. So the smart thing to do is buy the iPhone right away, or not at all.

The Netherlands, since 1 July 2019. 95 EUR fine :money_mouth_face:

As for the dual SIM you can regard it as a KVM where you press a button and you switch to a different computer. It is like that for the modem: press a button, and you switch from SIM1 to SIM2 (or the other way around). There’s no redundancy for the modem or the wires.


What I have understood from the FP team: both SIMs can connect to 4G at the same time, but only one at a time can have an active data connection. You can send/receive phonecalls on the other SIM regardless.


Hi all,
I have a few questions for anyone who can verify either with a real FP3 or by getting the answer direct from Fairphone staff (not their website - because it doesn’t in all cases agree with what they put in their press conference on the same day!). In general someone from Fairphone needs to go around all the websites of their resellers and all of the review/tech news websites and correct all the incorrect information.

So here are my questions:

So those were the questions about the oddities and inconsistencies. Here are more questions:

  • Does the FP3 support any kind of TV-out over USB via an alternate mode? E.g. Displayport, HDMI or MHL? (We already talked about DisplayLink here:FP3 and HDMI output (USB3 or MHL), but that’s not a standard method)
  • Can anyone give full detail on which USB and NFC functions the FP3 supports?
  • Did FP succeed to get fair cobalt into the battery and to use recycled tin as well? The press conference and AMA session were very vague about this.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Cobalt is still a work-in-progress. I don’t remember what happened to the tin.


Best law ever. I’ve had so many close calls with smartphone-engrossed cyclists.


@JeroenH & @Patrick1
No, not now. But next year. And the year after. And so on. I’d rather have waited till 2020 for a FP3 with 5G. My FP2 from 2016 is still up and running. And I certainly want to keep it that way. So, thinking long term, I guess many FP2 phones will hit EOL 2020 / 2021. And then I can either choose to buy a 4G phone and keep it …4? 5? years…well…you see where I’m heading. It ends with the fact, that I would need to buy a “low” spec phone in 1 to 2 years (in 2 years it will be a low spec phone). Which then should last 3? 4? 5? years.

When I bought my FP2, the specs seemed fine. 4G & 2GB in 2016 were solid middle class and I figured it would be worth to fix it 3 years later. So far that holds up.

So, out of this point of view, it seems like a bad timing to bring one in 2019 with 4G. Of course I can’t possibly think of all the reasons for a product launch now and there are probably good reasons to do so. But for those who are hitting EOL with their FP2 in 2020 Q3 and later it will be a tough call…that was my point.

Yes, I’m not from Germany. But even if, it doesn’t seem like an objective argument to take a country with a low service level as a benchmark. If the FP3 matches your needs, fine. For those eager to keep their FP2 running as long as possible / living in other countries, it will be different. If I’m in the market today, I agree, fine, go for it. But for those who are not yet, it doesn’t look promising. It seems to me, that you’re thinking in “ordinary” smartphone lifecycles…which doesn’t seem fair, so to say. So, I am looking at specs that I might be buying in 1 or 2 years, and then it is a bad prospect. That’s it. Many thanks in advance for thinking outside your own bubble.


What do you need 5G for? Can you describe your use-case?

Why do you believe 5G is going to be usable in your country in 2020?

Why is 4G not adequate for your use-case?

Also, just to get a bit more information on your situation, which country would you be mainly using your smartphone?


Quite as important as all the right questions by JeroenH:
How many phones do you guess will be sold offering 5G in 2020?

In my bubble 5G would have meant to up the price considerably for a feature, that will be virtually useless for most users for most of the lifetime of the phone.
And when 5G is finally available, the chips will be much cheaper and the next FP4 can offer this feature at a reasonable price.


AFAICT 4G is “good enough” for the time being. Streaming 1080p is the holy grail IMO, and honestly I try to download and watch offline because why pay so much for a data plan?

The use-cases I have understood regarding 5G is 1) replacement of WLAN (you could run your own 5G router at home and no longer need to switch) 2) for IoT such as cars communicating with each other on the road. I’m not sure I would want such “helpful” software on my car 3) more speed, but you also need it to be rolled out more as well, which at the start it won’t.

5G, IMO, is mostly a hype. Heck, they do this every generation, but at some point the technology speed is “good enough” just like we don’t need an ultra high quality camera :wink:


I agree that 5G and 4K are unnecessary gimmicks for the average user.
FP3 looks promising, look forward for first real-user reviews!


In my opinion there is a logical flaw in this line of thinking. Yes, in 2 years FP 3 is most probably a “low spec” phone; and with 5G it would be a “low spec” phone with one “high/mid spec” feature. That’s the fate of all of todays devices: “mid spec” will be “low spec” in a few years, “high spec” will be “mid spec”. You are demanding a “mid spec” phone with one “high spec” feature.

As far as I understood FP 3 has a sort of “official” lifetime of 5 years - from now on, not from in 2 years, when you buy one. Of course many people will use their FP3 beyond these 5 years, especially those who buy it in 2, 3 or 4 years - but these are people that do not require the newest technology; those who get along with a FP 3 in 5 years will most probably also get along with 4G,



I believe so.
Hopefully it helps to change the cyclists mind.

I guess it would not work better here in Germany than many other laws such as e.g. operating your mobile while driving (without hands-free accessory). We have simply too less police capacities to check on many critical issues. Hence there are drivers presenting their phoning skills while driving one-handed.
Many times it’s to react by call or on events, so mostly if it’s too late already. That’s what we get for our tax money :slight_smile:


Agreed in general.
But not exactly to …

I would not want to live in world, where we have so much police control, that they do effectively hinder that kind of stupid behaviour.
I would rather, we get a better traffic concept more oriented towards safety and more space for pedestrians and bikes; and - of course - some more public spirit for all.

It’s like it is with Fairphone. Let us act in such a way, that we can serve as an example and others will follow and the world will change for the better. :wink: