FP3 and HDMI output (USB3 or MHL)


I am very interested in changing my iPhone to the new FP3. But first of all I have an important question for me…

How to connect the FP3 with my TV WITHOUT wirelss solutions…?
The FP2 was not compatible with MHL adapters. Is it same with FP3? Or are there new options to use USB3-to-HDMI-adapters available?

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Most Android phones these days don’t support wired video output. MHL is dead, no new phones supporting it have been released for a few years. Some high-end phones support DisplayPort over USB-C, but I doubt the FP3 does (it’s not mentioned in the specs).

So your only wired option seems to remain DisplayLink (which also works with the FP2). The improvement being that all phones with USB-C should allow using peripherals and charging at the same time. (With Micro-USB, only some higher-end phones support using OTG and charging simultaneously. The FP2 doesn’t.)


I’d also like to find this out.

Does DisplayLink work with USB-C? I thought the only options were HDMI, DisplayPort and MHL.
… read a bit, DisplayLink is a non-standard software implementation of video over USB, is that right?

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That’s correct. But it is supported by Android and works on any phone with OTG support (so pretty much any phone).


Thanks for the extra info. Does it work with TVs or does it have to be paired with a computer? I.e. do the sender and receiver both need to run an application?

Only the “sender” side is implemented in software. You need a DisplayLink adapter which connects to the phone (or PC / Mac) via USB. These adapters have a proprietary chipset which generates the video output. They come with all kinds of outputs (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, even VGA) so you can connect them to any TV or monitor. See displaylink.com for a list of available models.


Thansk @ChuckMorris :+1:

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