Does the FP3 *HAVE* an FM radio?

The iFixit specs mention an FM radio that, strangely, I cannot find on the website:

So which is it? Is there an FM radio receiver (or better yet, transmitter!) in the new phone?



Does it have an FM radio? The specs don’t mention it but I hardly expect it to be missing, though.


Would be a sad thing if it is missing!
I thought that I saw FM radio in the specs on the 1st day :frowning:


Found a rather complete feature list on the reseller homepage of

  • FM: yes, with RDS

I just hope, that this list is correct.

The list has been updated:

FM Radio: No

:sob: :


Me too. I clearly recall FM radio being listed in the specs on the first day. Strange :thinking:


I too hope FM is included, as it seems to be still widely available. Norway ditched FM, but a few other countries ditched DAB.

@anarcat: I moved a previous discussion about FM radio from the General Fairphone 3 discussion here.

@everybody: I think we can close the general topic now and discuss everything separately or are there any concerns?


The one I have for our community event doesn’t have a FM radio app. Therefor radio can’t be used. But it is a pre release model. Not sure, if it is the same with final version. Can I check if there is FM hardware?


The general topic is just too huge to be useful, IMHO, and there’s a lot of valuable information in it that would be easier to find in individual topics. So yeah, close it and take the goods in individual topics, I’d say. :slight_smile:


Installing a radio app shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m surprised to not find a good radio app on f-droid - i thought those were pretty standard. The only I found were:

So I’m not sure those are “generic”. But they’re worth giving a try…

Monkeyboard seems to only work with a specific external hardware.

SpiritF needs root privileges, which I don’t have. I don’t even know, if there is a guide available how to obtain root on FP3

There are not many custom FM radio apps because you need root privileges to use them – which the “normal user” doesn’t have.

Those few apps like SpiritFM are also hard to find because when you search for “FM radio” on the Google Play Store, you get a bunch of fake apps (which use streaming instead).


I would suggest a “DAB edition” to Fairphone: A FP3 which features an additional DAB receiver. I would immediately buy it because I then would have 31 channels instead of 11.

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I just received a FairPhone 3, there is no FM receiver app, and I did’nt find any on the google app store
@FairPhone people : Is there a plan to provide an FM app ?


this is really sad to hear!

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I found this article from August 2018 in turn-on the magazine by Saturn a German electronics market:

They link to Nextradio, saying it is working on lots of phones, even they are not listed as compatible. One has to try, to know.
Downside: the app is featuring adds.

The app is available in the playstore (although not in the US-version only, as it seems):

The articlel links to an apk-mirror; at one’s own risk of course.

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My first try would be to extract the FM radio App APK from LineageOS 16.0 on the Fairphone 2 (e.g. with MyPhoneExplorer) and see whether that works on the Fairphone 3, but I don’t have my Fairphone 3 yet.


Good idea, but what if one does not have LOS; like me that is. :wink:

Then there is the app “FM Radio”.
And the FM2.apk can be found in the folder

I might try this one.
Thx for that great idea.

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Did try a few options on my FP3:
Nextradio : doesn’t work
spiritfm wants too much access to my phone
these apk’s from xda don’t work.
f-droid packages as mentioned above require f-droid first?

anyone more luck? I so see some apps in the store which seem to use FM but no way to tell if it’s fm or streaming?

Just to make sure:

Did you all connect a headphone/earphone/headset to your FP3 before trying the FM apps?